Tropical Moist Forest

Kaleshay Johnson

Tropical Intro

Tropical Forests have existed for thousands of years. The Tropical Moist Forest, a.k.a The Jungle, is located mainly in South America, but can also be found in Asia, Africa, & Central America. Normally, if you can't remember those names, just remember that it is always located at the latitudes 28 degrees north or south of the equator. All of the species inhabiting the Tropical Forest, are indigenous to the forest. Because of so much rain, much of soil is considered poor.
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The Redeye Tree Frog

This frog is found in the Rainforests, where it ranges from Mexico through Central America.
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Monarch Butterfly

Found in the forest, but known mostly throughout North America.
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Howler Monkey

Among one of the largest New World monkeys. Located in the forest, & amongst one of 15 types of monkeys located within the forests.
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