Restorative Justice @ OWWMS

Book Study - Wednesday, 3/16 @ 2:35 PM, OWWMS Library

I am so excited to be able to continue the conversation around Restorative Justice through our first book study. Thanks to all of you for signing up, and for taking time out of your busy schedules to pursue this noble approach as a change agent and relationship builder. In an effort to get some thoughts bubbling prior to our conversation around The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools tomorrow, I wanted to send out some resources and thoughts for consideration. I hope you'll take some time to check some of these out and definitely give some thought to the questions. I will be bringing them up tomorrow as a way to guide our developing practice at the Middle School.
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To Consider:

Some questions that will drive our discussion:

How are you intentional about building relationships in your classroom? In September? In January? In May?

What steps might help us build a better school wide community?

How are we teaching the habits of kindness?

How are we differentiating discipline? What more can we do?
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  • Video - Restorative Circles in Grades 5/6 - Easily transferable to 6 - 8
  • Article - “Using Dialogue Circles” (one page, briefly covers: Check In Circles, Peace Making Circles, Academic Intervention Circles)
  • “Restorative Practices: A Guide for Educators” (a longer resource)
  • Restorative Justice: Resources For Schools (Edutopia)
  • Folks Currently Trained as Facilitators (2 day training): Tim Dawkins, Kyle Lis, Brian Mockry, Christine Macchi, Terri Brown, Jon Larson, Katy Green, Lyndsey Weber, Jason Spector, Dianne Smilie, April nedwell, Kerry Adie, Julie Sppor, Bill Ramsey

See you tomorrow afternoon at 2:35 in the library!