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SAP BODS Business Objects Data Services Or BODI Business Objects Data Integrator is a GUI workspace that allows to create jobs that extracts data from heterogeneous sources, transforms that data using built-in transforms and functions to meet business requirements and then loads the data into a single datastore or data warehouse for further analysis.

SAP BODS Online Training

DI Designer - Designer is used to create datastores and data mappings, to manage metadata and to manually execute jobs.

2. DI Repository - Set of tables in RDBMS that holds the user-created and predefined system objects, source target metadata and transformation rules.There are three types of Repositories as given below: SAP BODS Online training

Local repository - This stores source, target metadata definitions and transformation rules.

Central Repository - This is an optional component used to support multi-user development environment. It provides shared library with check in and out objects facility.

Profiler Repository - Store information that is used to determine the quality of data.

3. DI Engines and Job Server - DI Job Server retrieves the job information from its associated Repository and starts an engine to process the job. DI Engine extracts data from multiple heterogeneous sources, performs complex data transformations and loads data in target using parallel pipelining and in-memory data transformations to deliver high data throughput and scalability.

SAP BODS Online training

DI Job Server is like Informatica Integration Service which is associated with its corresponding Informatica metadata Repository that holds the transformation rules to move data from source to target.SAP BODS Online training

4. DI Access Server - This is used for DI Real-time service jobs. This Server controls the XML message passing between the source and target nodes in Real-Time jobs.

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