top 10 technology rules for parents

#1 Don't text and drive

you should not text and drive it can kill you! In 2011 23% of crashes involved cellphones.

The smallest amount of time that you are not paying attention is 5 seconds. If you are driving at 55 mph you have drove the length of a foot ball field with out looking at the road. The risk is 23x more likely to crash.

AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary

#2 don't share information

If you do share information people can see your pictures. If you give your Facebook password they can get on your account. They can change anything and change your password. They could wreak your life. they could say thing to your friends to make them hate you.

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#3 strong passwords

your passwords should be bigger than 10 letters. if it is small you will have a bigger risk of being hacked. you should have a strong password for all your accounts.

#4 do not post inappropriate things

you should never post personal pictures on sites. Always make sure that only your family or friends can see it.

#5 never use real name

If you use your real name people will know who you are. if they know your name they can search you.

#6 see what your kids are doing

have their password for their accounts. make sure your kids don't swear. If they are swearing they should be punished.

#7 never download anything that you don't know

If you download something it might give your computer a virus. You should not down load anything that you have never heard of.
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#8 do not add random people

Only add people you know. You should not add strangers. If you do add strangers they might try to find out your personal information

#9 Cyberbulling

You should always check what other are saying to your kids. If someone is a bully at the age of eight they are 6 times more likely to do a crime by the age of 24. keep your kids away from the bad party.

#10 Don't let your kids have Facebook

Don't let your kids have face book till the age of 14. Facebook is not a good site for young kids.