The Padilla Post 12/12/2022

December 12, 2022

Providing every student with the keys to open the doors of their future.

A Message from Principal Purfurst

I wanted to take a moment to remind families about Padilla's policies around students arriving late at school.

Students arriving prior to 7:50 AM:

- Students are present as long as they are in the building prior to 7:50 AM

Students arriving between 7:50 AM and 8:00 AM:

- Students are tardy

- If your student arrives during this window of time they do not need to be signed in at the office

Students arriving after 8:00 AM:

- Students are partially absent

- If your student arrives after this time, a parent or guardian will need to walk their child into the office and sign them in

Thank you for your help with this!

An Update from Dean Hawkins

Safety Information:

There is an evacuation scheduled for Tuesday the 13th (depending upon the weather). We will share the results with you in next week’s Post. As always, please contact us if you are interested in observing or being a part of any of the emergency drills we practice at Padilla Elementary.

Guardians on Guard:

Through our community survey, we are aware of the desire for our community to be involved more in an everyday setting! With that, we would like to invite all that are interested to help ensure the safety of our students before school, after school or during lunch recess. We are always looking for more adult supervision during these unstructured times in our daily schedule and would welcome anyone that has time to help! If you are interested in volunteering your time at any point during the school day for Guardians on Guard, please reach out to Josh Hawkins at your convenience!

No Parking In the Drop Off Lane During Morning Drop Off or Afterschool Pick Up:

As the weather is getting colder, many parents are parking in the drop off lane in order to walk their students into school. Please park in the lot or on the street near the school if you need to walk your student into the building or to the kindergarten playground gates. Thank you for your help as we do our best to ensure a safe drop off and pick up for all of our students!

A.M. Bus Lane Reminders:

In the morning please use the bus lanes to drop off your students only if the buses are not in the lane at the time of your drop off. We do want you to use this lane as a drop off because of the stress it alleviates in our parking lot especially on colder mornings but please remember that the buses will always have the right away and they need you to stay out of the lane until they are gone. They are pretty consistent about times and seem to depart our school every morning by 7:35ish. Thank you for your help with this!!

Important Dates!

Check out the upcoming events at Padilla!

  • Student Council Candy Grams - December 1st through December 16th
  • Artic Award Assembly (AM Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade) - Friday, December 16th at 9:00 AM
  • Artic Award Assembly (PM Preschool, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade) - Friday, December 16th at 2:15 PM
  • Spirit Week! - December 13th through December 16th
  • 3rd Grade Community Event - Wednesday, December 21st
  • Winter Break - December 24th through January 9th
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Artic Award Assemblies

These two assemblies for second quarter award winners will be held on Friday December 16th in the morning (9:00am) for Am Pre-School, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade and in the afternoon (2:15) for PM Preschool, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades. We will inform families the week before as to which students will be receiving awards that day in case any family members would like to join us for the assemblies!
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3rd Grade Community Event!

Third grade teachers would like to invite all of their families and community members to a grade level community event on Wednesday, December 21st from 2:00-3:00. Students will be presenting their heritage project to students and teachers and would love to have families here as well to be a part of these important projects! Flyers have been sent out!

Winter Break

Winter Break for all 27J Schools will be from December 24th through January 9th. Students will return to school on Tuesday, January 10th.
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Health Clinic Needs

The Padilla Health Clinic is in need of new 4/5-T boys underwear. These items are used to help when students have accidents at school. If you are able to help, that would be greatly appreciated!

Padilla is Hiring!

We're currently looking for a paraprofessional to support our preschool! If you or someone you know is interested in helping us, please let us know!
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Last Week's Polar Bears of the Week!

Congratulations to this week's Polar Bears of the Week! These students are chosen by their teachers or other staff members for living our Key Values. This week's focus was on Living Intentionally!


Ms. Kimberly AM - Zayli Secor

Ms. Monica AM - Karter Combs

Ms. Monica PM - Victoria Raygoza Galvez


Ms. Gautier - Arianna Shahid

Mrs. Hodge - Gideon Dighero

Ms. Medina - Emily Martinez

Mrs. Thompson - Naomi Zamora

1st Grade:

Mrs. Johnson - Bently Osborn

Mrs. Lovekamp - Lianna Colmenero

Ms. Thao - Jordan Adame-Lagunas

Mrs. Wine - Gabriel Montano Jr.

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Baez - Giovanni Ramos

Ms. Grace - Xiomara Chavez

Mrs. McGann - Drake Medina

3rd Grade:

Mrs. Brantley - Aurora Hook

Ms. Hunter - Jordee Bolson

Ms. Novotak - Noah Rodriguez

4th Grade:

Ms. Harder - Alexander Mariscal

Mrs. Holley - Fernanda Romero

Mrs. Richardson - Kane St. Pierre

5th Grade:

Mrs. Forgette - Kahlan Shahid

Mrs. Gharibyar - Dylon Gosselin

Next week's Key focus will be on Courage!

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Polar Bears of the Week!

Congratulations to this week's Polar Bears of the Week! These students are chosen by their teachers or other staff members for living our Key Values. This week's focus was on Courage!


Ms. Kimberly AM - Julian Nunn

Ms. Monica AM - Armani Covarrubias

Ms. Monica PM - Edwin Guzman Sandoval


Ms. Gautier - Luna Garcia

Mrs. Hodge - Neymar Armendariz

Ms. Medina - Kenzie Ward

Mrs. Thompson - Grayson McBride

1st Grade:

Mrs. Johnson - Maggie Gage

Mrs. Lovekamp - Marbella Armendariz

Ms. Thao - Louis Guzman

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Baez - Robert Reid

Ms. Grace - Izzy Perez

Mrs. McGann - Ikaika Pomaikai

3rd Grade:

Mrs. Brantley - Ethan O'Riley

Ms. Hunter - Aris Bellamy

Ms. Novotak - Annika Uren

4th Grade:

Ms. Harder - Julio Garcia Guerrero

Mrs. Holley - Elijah Arana

Mrs. Richardson - Landon O'Riley

Ms. Hynes and Ms. Austin - AJ Sirleaf

5th Grade:

Mrs. Atkerson - Scarlett Cortes

Mrs. Atkerson - Jesse Adame-Lagunas

Mrs. Forgette - Sofia Rivera

Mrs. Gharibyar - Hunter Bimiller

Next week's Key focus will be on Honesty!

Community Partnerships!

We are incredibly lucky to have partnerships in our community who help support Padilla! Three businesses have programs set up to helps us! Please be sure to check the links below for details about how to support Padilla through these businesses!

King Soopers Community Rewards

King Soopers Community Rewards - Link your rewards card to Padilla and a portion of every purchase will be donated to Padilla!

American Furniture Warehouse Partnership

American Furniture Warehouse Partnership - Mention Padilla Elementary School when shopping at AFW and they will donate 2-4% of the purchase to Padilla!

Longmont Dairy Farm Milk Caps for Mooola

Longmont Dairy Farm Milk Caps for Mooola provides 5 cents to Padilla for every bottle cap that you turn into the school from one of their products. Just drop off your caps in a sealed plastic bag to the main office!

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Check out breakfast and lunch menus below!

Please note that, due to product availability shortages, there may be last minute substitutions to nutrition services menus from time to time.

Grade Level Newsletters