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Our CTE Programs can adapt to Covid-19!

"It has changed the way we interact. It has changed the way we learn. It has changed the way we do business. What has not changed is the VALUE of career and technical education. (CTE)"

At Nebo school district, we are committed to providing hands-on opportunities for students to learn, engage and explore. Family and Consumer Sciences Education classes provide necessary, real world skills, that have only become heightened during this pandemic. As the world shut down, back in March, the skills that we teach in family and consumer science were not put aside or left on the back burner, but were necessary for individuals and families. i.e.


*child care



*money management

*goal setting

*decision making

*health and nutrition

*mental health

*creativity in fashion


*job search skills

What an amazing time to help not only our students, but our co-workers, communities, state, country and world understand the importance of teaching these skills and values in high school.

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FCS Teachers at their BEST

Morgan Rhoton

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2019-2020 Utah FCCLA New Adviser of the Year

Morgan was selected as the 2019-2020 Utah FCCLA New Adviser of the Year! FCCLA has been strengthened by your willingness to be a leader. Your commitment to FCCLA has made a difference at the local and state level. The responsibilities at the school level are great and you have been willing to go the extra mile to fulfill those responsibilities. Thank you for your willingness to help at the region and state conferences.

As an adviser you have promoted the organization and have spent countless number of hours working to support students as they have developed skills for life. Nikki Sue Larkin said "As the State FCCLA Adviser and the State FCCLA Board, we are grateful for you and the hours of unselfish service you have given this organization. We have come to count on you to mentor and support FCCLA advisers in your region and across the state. Your support, knowledge and confidence is very much appreciated."

Morgan has moved on this year, but we appreciate all she contributed here at Nebo School District. Best of luck in your bright future!

This is not your grandma's Home Ec class!

Family and Consumer Sciences: What's It All About?

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