Adobe Spark

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What is Adobe Spark?

An amazing creation suite for both teachers and students, Adobe Spark is easy to use and offers plenty of inspiring templates to get started. You can browse the Education section of the Inspiration Gallery and filter by project type (Pages, Posts, Videos) to get ideas. The Post tool is great for creating flyers or posters, which can be printed and displayed in your classroom. Students can create collages and graphic images to accompany lessons on any subject. Use the Page tool to design a scrolling, interactive lesson plan or have students create web stories to present their research or bring a narrative to life. The third creation tool, Video, allows teachers and students to select music and record their voices over slides that tell a story, argue a position, or describe a research project. For students, the key is figuring out how to organize and visualize their ideas. These tools offer rich opportunities to demonstrate learning while getting creative with design elements.
Meet Adobe Spark


Here are some other websites I found that might assist you if you plan to try using infographics with your students:

How Can Teachers Use it?

With Spark you can easily create high quality reports, research papers, posters, writing assignments, presentations and so much more. Check out Adobe's webpage for using Adobe Spark in the Classroom to get more ideas from teachers using the tool.

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