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December 7 - December 11, 2015

Perfect Attendance Balloons! #97%

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Week Activities: B Week

Monday, Dec. 7

  • TA Tech Training (Hungry Caterpillars and Chicka Boom Booms will meet at the same time)

Tuesday, Dec. 8

  • Happy birthday, Kathleen Escobedo!

Wednesday, Dec. 9

  • Brookdale--AM: Abril/Sanchez; PM: Yi
  • Faculty Meeting--ALL STAFF
  • Teachers only--Register Here

Thursday, Dec. 10

  • Brookdale--AM: Escobedo/Shepherd-Keys; PM: Orozco
  • Purposeful Planning

Friday, Dec. 11

  • Brookdale--AM: Vela/Delapena; PM: Mercado
  • Parent Classes @8:00/1:00

Important Info

Attendance Incentives:

Our new focus on attendance is called #EveryPandaEveryDay and focuses on encouraging students to come to school every day (we are letting tardies go temporarily and Admin will have personal conversations with tardy families as necessary). If you have a great idea for an attendance incentive or use one in your class, Tweet it to @pierceecs using #everypandaeveryday. We can reach our goal of 97%! Weekly incentives will include balloons on Fridays. For every balloon earned, a ticket will be put in an AM/PM box for the chance to win a bicycle in a drawing at the end of the year (Thanks Mrs. Aquino for the idea AND Mrs. Li for the bikes). Look over the attendance data below. We have work to do! We can do it!

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Holiday Parties

Please submit your Holiday Party notes to Admin for approval by December 11, 2015. Click on the button above to view the guidelines.

The Worksheet Dilemma: Benefits of Play-Based Curricula

Click here to read a GREAT article on research behind using less worksheets. As we design PreK Guideline based lessons, let's provide our students with an increased number of opportunities each day to create, draw, write and think at higher levels.

iCreate, uCreate, we all Create!


  • Every teacher is expected to meet with Mrs. Aquino for a 30 minute block to go over your iCreate idea form. You can meet in a group if it is a collaboration. Please fill out the form below if you want to meet this week.
  • Projects should be completed and submitted by Friday, January 29th.
  • Remember the thinking process is the important piece: Why did you do the project? Prek guideline? Thinking maps? Higher order thinking?


From Jennifer Dickson:

  • Thanks to Ms. Fleming, Ms. Nichols, Ms. Coronado & Ms. Wicks for blowing up our purple balloons! #everypandaeveryday
  • Thanks to everyone who made Santa pics a success! #Santacalmedourchallengingfriends
  • Great job goes out to all Staff for tightening up release times exactly at 10:45/3:00 #impressed

From Karen Nichols:

  • Shout out to Claudia Lazo for helping me talk to a student!
  • Shout out to Jean Massengale for being so thoughtful of bringing me something that was needed in the clinic!
  • Shout out to Penelope for taking such wonderful Santa pics!

From Aurora Orozco:

  • To Mrs. Wicks for taking the santa pictures.
  • To Ms. Sanchez for sharing her Santa hats for the pictures.
  • To Mrs. Gonzalez-Karras and Mrs. Robles for always being on time for traffic duty this week to switch.
  • To Mrs. Aquino for always being in great spirit to make it fun for our kids.
  • To Mrs. Vela for always screaming at me during traffic duty after school. Always happy to see me.
  • To Mrs. Reeder, Mrs. Li, and Mrs. McKimmey for organizing the Elf exchange.
  • To all of Pierce Staff. We Rock!

From Michelle Altamirano:

  • Have a great weekend everybody! :)

From Maria Coronado:

  • Shout out to Dorinda, Penelope, Karen, Sandra, and Lupe for helping with the balloons. Made the job go a lot quicker. Team work makes the dream work! :)