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A Time To Focus on Gratitude

As I shared last week, there are real issues with the way we tell the story of Thanksgiving in this country. If you missed them, here are some resources to understand that:

My blog post from last year: "Re-Thinking Thanksgiving"

"A Thanksgrieving Reflection" by Isabell Call

And yet, Thanksgiving as a holiday is still a beautiful and non-commercialized celebration of abundance and gratitude. This holiday can be a graceful and grace-filled pause for the celebration of all that you already have before the gift-focused holiday to come.

So, yes, let us pause to say Thank You!

Read this lovely meditation by Rev. Naomi King

Or try some of the ideas from this Family Gratitude Workshop

A Happy Thanksgiving to You All

This Sunday, November 25th


  • Spirit Play class for preschool-5th grade, with a story about the UUSC and refugee aid


  • Spirit Play class for PreK, with a story about the UUSC and refugee aid
  • Labyrinth Learning class for 1st-5th Grades, Service Sunday with three service projects: packing care packages for people experiencing homelessness, writing holiday cards for UU's in prison, and creating collages posters for the Guest at Your Table program
  • There is no Middle School group meeting this week

There will be no HS Youth Group meeting this week

Sunday and Every Day: Taking It Home

Last Sunday the Spirit Play and Labyrinth Learning classes learned about Francis David, minister of the first Unitarian church in Transylvania. The Middle School group learned about the religions that emerged in the 1800's.

Discuss at home:

  • What does Revelation mean? Where do you receive revelations?
  • With so many different churches and different religious beliefs, do you think religious tolerance is important? Are there times you have trouble being open-minded or tolerant or accepting toward another religion? Why?

Practice at home:

Some UU's practice an "elevator speech", or what they would say to explain UUism in the length of time of an elevator ride. Try it at home!

Francis David

Looking Ahead, Sunday December 2, 2018

This week will be Family Chapel, so please join us in the classroom right at 9:15 or 11:00, rather than starting in the sanctuary.


Spirit Play for preschool to 5th grade, with the Guest At Your Table Lesson


Family Chapel on the theme of Hope

Middle School group, learning about Judaism

Not registered yet for this year's RE programs? It only takes a couple minutes!

If you have not already done so, please take some time this week to complete the registration form for the new program year.

Children's Registration

Youth Registration

Change in Sabbath Day

Please note that I have rearranged the rhythm of my week to better fit my children's school schedule, and I will now be working Saturday-Thursday, and taking Friday as a sabbath day. As part of the spiritual discipline of pausing and truly taking a day apart, I will not respond to emails or other forms of communication on Fridays.

Yours in Faith,

Sara Lewis, credentialed religious educator, master level

Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10am-2pm

Available by appointment: Saturday through Thursday

Change of Sabbath:

Sabbath Day (when I will not check email or respond to calls): Friday or

360-786-6383 x. 102