By Cameron and Spencer

Country Name and Capital City

People native to Spain refer to it as "España", and the capital of Spain is Madrid.
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Spain's Flag

Spain's flag is known as, "La Rojigualda". It's colors consist of red and yellow. Red represents hardiness, bravery, and strength, and yellow symbolizes generosity.
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Spain's population is 47.27 million people.

Spain's Government

Spain's' government is a Constitutional Monarchy. The leader of Spain's government is Mariano Rajoy Brey.


Spain's currency is euros. The exchange rate is 0.89 euros to 1 US dollar.
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Cultural Activites

Spain's La Siesta is one of the most well know customs. Everyday people take time of work near lunch to eat and relax. Even some business close down for a few hours. Another custom is bullfighting. Fútbal, or soccer is a very important part of Spanish culture. People of all ages know and love the sport, and support their favorite team from the regular season to tournaments and the World Cup.


In Spain, lunch is considered the "the big meal" of the day. Many eat with friends and enjoy "la Siesta". Some popular Spanish foods include:

Paella: a rice dish prepared with seafood; maybe the most popular Spanish food

Gazpacho: a cold tomato soup popular in the summer

Jamon serrano: spiced cured pork served with baguette or toast

Turrón: a Christmas desert made from sugar, honey, and egg whites served with chopped almonds

Tourist Attractions