Night of the Twisters

Book by Ivy ruckman Smore by Isaac.N


Grand island Nebraska

  1. Capital is Lincoln
  2. state bird western meadowlark
  3. Famous place is Henry doorly zoo


Problem and soloution

1 problem was that Dan and Arthur couldn't get Mrs.Smiley out of her basement so they had to use a box spring and couch to get her out. Kelly the cop took glass to his eyes and couldn't see so Dan had to drive.
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At the beginning Dan got a bike and then there was a storm that didn't follow weather patterns and then a tornado came. then Dan sent Aurther to the basement and then the house got torn apart then they found his mom and tried to free Mrs. Smiley. They did that with a box-spring and a couch. Then they got in a car then Kelly got glass in his eyes and Dan had to drive. After that National guard Helicopters started to help out. Then Dan found his dad and mom and Ryan he had to live on the farm and everyone ended up happy
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