Anderson welch

How can farming create biodiversity?

Farming can decrease biodiversity when farmers are not careful with crops and pesticides get spread around

Why might farmers want to limit the use of pesticides on their crops?

Farmers limit the use of pesticides because if they put to much on their crops it would ruin them.

How can deforestation decrease the biodiversity of an area?

It would decrease biodiversity because they are cutting down the plants and bushes and trees.

How would the draining of a wetland to make way for a residental development affect the wildlifethat lives in that area?

it would make the animals that live there have to move because then they wouldnt have a place to get water.

Why should we work to restore the wetlands on the coast of North Carolina?

Because we are not able to filter pollutants before they get to the wetlands which kills a lot of plants and animals