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June, 2020

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Principally Speaking...

What an exciting month of the first ever SAGE Summer e-learning! Students have been engaged in rigorous and fun learning projects related to exploring various topics, both indoors and out. Thank you to the parents/guardians for allowing your children to dig through your homes, yards, garages, shops, etc. to explore, create, design, problem solve, and even build games, experiments, snacks, bubbles, and much more!

We appreciate all of your support and patience through the month! We hope your Illuminators have learned a lot and enjoyed SAGE e-Learning each week!

Below, please check out:

  • An update on iPad Drop Off
  • A summary of students' learning for each UOS
  • The latest from district concerning school opening in the fall - please click the "District Updates" button below

Have a great rest of the summer! We'll see you soon!

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~Dr. Marsden

iPad Drop Off

As we wind up the Summer e-Learning, iPad collections will be taking place. Please see below for the drop off options:

  • Drop off at your Home School* June 25 - June 26
  • Drop off at any of the four High Schools June 29 - July 1 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. each day
  • Drop off at OPHS or NKCHS beginning July 6th Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Students must return the iPad, charging cord, and charging block during drop off.

If your child is attending the July in-person learning session at their home school, you may keep the iPad through July.

*Please contact your HOME SCHOOL for specific times for iPad drop off during the week.

Bubble Science (Grades 2-5) Teacher: Kathy Perez

Everyone loves bubbles; their rainbow colors and curious shapes bring smiles to old and young alike. But bubbles are more than just pretty floating globes; there’s lots of fun science to learn from them. What is a bubble? How does soap affect how long a bubble lasts? What causes the colors in a bubble? These are just a few of the questions students explored as they worked as a “bubbleologists” and had fun learning about bubbles.

Young Engineers (Grades 2-5) Teacher: Mark Dieckman

Have you ever heard of Rube Goldberg? Well, the Young Engineers in Summer e-Learning have! Engineering students learned all about Rube Goldberg as well how he designed his machines. Also during Summer e-Learning students made their own Rube Goldberg machines. The various machines did many different functions such as dropping a bar of soap into someone’s hand, apply sunscreen, turn on or off a light, dunk a cookie and many other functions. The young engineers also designed hand held games for others to play. It was so much fun to see the students use their creativity to design a working machine or game to accomplish a task.
Novel Engineering

Backyard Wilderness (Grades 2-5) Teacher: Melissa Torres

In Backyard wilderness students became field scientists that explored and investigated, with the goal of trying to understand what they observed. Students learned about biodiversity, insect and species classification, and even built a habitat for bees!

Adventures in Creative Problem Solving (Grades 2-5) Teacher: Kristi Black

Adventures in Creative Problem Solving has a fun learning experience this summer! Students put their creativity and problem-solving skills to work and explored some fun CPS challenges. The student work and products were amazing! Check out some of their awesome work!

Young Chefs-Food Science experiments? (Grades 3-5) Teacher: Melissa Duffett

In Edible Science, students learned some basic chemical principles and studied molecules, all while creating something that they could taste. Students created chemical reactions with edible acids and bases, created a non-Newtonian substance, reversed an emulsification process, and lowered the freezing point of water make their own homemade ice cream! It wasn’t always “delicious” science, but it was edible!
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District Updates

The district continues to update families on recent changes to the district's process and procedures. Feel free to click the link above to access these updates.


NAGC (National Association of Gifted Children) have updated their website to offer Digital resources and supports.. Just click the button below.

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