JHS Bulletin - Volume II, Issue 1, 9/1/2020

A Message From The Co-Principals

Dear Jayhawks,

Welcome back to the start of the 2020-21 school year at Jericho High School. It is our hope this email finds you safe, well-rested and eager for the start of school. We know that this was not the spring or summer of your dreams and we all hope for a return to normal.

While our “new normal” at school may not look the way it has in the past, please know that we cannot wait to see you. We have worked hard this summer to ensure that our buildings are clean and organized for social distancing. With that in mind, we need for you to do your part in our school and beyond.

Your teachers are excited to explore new ideas with you in each of your classes. Just as important, we have societal issues to tackle too. From the pandemic and “stopping the spread” to preventing other epidemics like hunger, homelessness, loneliness and social injustice, you can make a difference. We are counting on you and stand ready to support you each and every step of the way.

To get ready for these great challenges, you need your basic questions answered first. Please see the most important questions answered in the pages following this email. [Please note that this issue of the Jayhawk Blast contains all of the information we sent to you last week PLUS many more specifics.]

As always, we look forward to your return and our “new normal.” Each day with you is surely better than every day without you. See you soon on campus and online!

Our best to your and your families,

Mr. David Cohen & Dr. Joe Prisinzano, Co-Principals


Our Assistant Principals

JHS has two Assistant Principals to support our students.

Dr. Kathryn Behr will be working closely with students whose last names begin with A-L. Her phone extension is x3225.

Dr. Dagoberto Artiles will be working closely with students whose last names begin with M-Z. His phone extension is x3227.



Please take a few minutes to carefully read through the information below:


Please note that Canvas will be the essential hub of information for all students. This will be particularly important for students accessing the class from home and via their device. Teachers will post a link in the Canvas Calendar which students will use to log into the class. Therefore, students should check their Canvas Calendar each morning. We encourage all students to test their Canvas account today and make sure you can log in.


Health checks will be completed by parents each morning through the Parent Portal. You cannot use the app for this. You can use a desktop computer OR a web browser on your phone. Go to

We are asking parents to fill this out everyday - even if your child will be home on the hybrid schedule that day.

Once you have signed in, click on a child’s name at the top of the page. Click the “submit student assessment” blue button at the end of the tan banner at the top of the page. There will be some information to read at the top of the form followed by four questions. Scroll down to make sure you’ve responded to all the questions, then click the submit button. You will receive a message thanking you for your submission. Please click here for detailed instructions:

If you have a PowerSchool account, but don’t remember your password, please click here:


We have done everything in our power to create a safe place for you to learn. Please follow these guidelines to help us keep it that way.

  • You MUST follow all directions given by school and security personnel for your safety.

  • You must wear your masks AT ALL TIMES in the school building except while eating.

  • You must only wear APPROVED masks: surgical masks, N-95 masks, cloth masks. Vented masks, T-shirts, bandanas, and neck gators are NOT approved. If you forget your mask, masks will be available at the HS Attendance entrance, Sam Springer Gym, HS Administrators’ offices, HS Guidance office, and Nurse’s office. Information on how to safely wear your mask can be found here:

  • You must NOT congregate at any time and stay at least 6 feet away from other students and staff to reduce the possibility of viral transmission.

  • You should wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer placed throughout the building and within each classroom.

  • You may clean your desk and desk guard in each of your classrooms using the supplied sanitizing wipes.

  • If you have traveled or are planning to travel outside of New York State, please review the guidelines for when you must quarantine.


  • If your last name begins with A-L, you will attend school in person on A days and virtually from home on B days.

  • If your last name begins with M-Z, you will attend school in person on B days and virtually from home on A days.

  • Here is a calendar listing A Days and B Days:

  • Students who have opted for fully remote learning will learn virtually on all days.

  • Teachers will be using Canvas to post all daily assignments and links for students to access the live stream of the lesson from home.

  • We will follow our regular bell schedule so that all students, whether in school or at home, can be prepared to access their classes on time and ready to learn.

  • Students who are live streaming from home must have their cameras turned on and microphones off to start each lesson.

  • Students learning from home should create a morning routine in order to wake up early enough to get appropriately dressed for school, create a suitable space for learning, and prepare for a full day of classes.

  • Remember: Your school counselor is here to support and assist you in developing your virtual learning plans.


During streamed lessons, you will be able to view the same lesson as students who are in school. It is important that you follow these rules and guidelines:

  • Only teachers can initiate video streaming of lessons and record them. Video recordings may be archived only by the teachers. You and your parents are specifically prohibited from recording lessons.

  • Log on to the streamed lesson promptly at the beginning of each period and follow the teacher’s instructions for that lesson.

  • Attend classes with microphone muted and video on, unless told to do otherwise by the teacher. Remain online for the duration of the class. Teachers will be taking attendance for each class based upon this guideline.

  • Remember that students are on camera and can be live. To the extent possible, students should find a quiet place to work; sit in front of the Chromebook or personal device; and dress appropriately for class.

  • Follow the same classroom rules as if in school.

  • Students are not anonymous during streamed instruction. Be mindful of speaking tones and what is said during the lesson.

  • If a teacher enables the chat feature, think before typing and use language that is appropriate in the classroom.

  • Class chats should only be used for class-related purposes.

  • Aim to maintain trust with teachers and fellow students. Do not share videos, documents, chats, etc.

  • Stay in frequent contact with your teachers. Students should email teachers if there is a problem or if they need help.

  • Students at home should keep distractions to a minimum. Avoid using phones or having tabs open that do not apply to the class or classwork.


Please note that the Canvas Calendar is the starting point for all remote instruction, assignments, etc. All students and parents should have a Canvas account. For help, please access the Jericho Parent Tech Overview, which can be found at this link:


  • The high school will be open at 8:10am to allow for you to attend assigned 2nd period classes and extra help.

  • For safety, you are ONLY allowed to come to campus prior the normal start of the school at 8:59am for the above reasons and must NOT come to campus to congregate.

  • You must exit the campus by 3:50pm. There will be no late buses this year. As such, if you are not riding the 3:31pm bus, you MUST be must be picked up your parents by 3:50pm.

  • If you are not riding the bus, you may be dropped off and picked up at the High School Attendance circle or the Sam Springer Gym. Parents dropping off at the HS Attendance circle will exit north on Route 107, while those dropping off at the Sam Springer Gym will exit south on Route 106.

  • Unfortunately, visitors are not permitted into the high school unless we have specifically requested your parents to come to the school. Lunch dropoffs will NOT be allowed.


  • You must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES in the hallways.

  • You must never congregate in the hallways. You should move quickly from class to class.

  • Lockers will not be available this year. To lighten backpacks, we have asked teachers to allow you to use textbooks only at home.


  • Pre-packaged lunches will be available for purchase in the Sam Springer Gym.

  • To better ensure safety, we would like to handle very little cash this year. As such, if you plan to purchase lunch items this year, please ask your parents to load your school lunch account at

  • You may only eat in the Sam Springer Gym or High School Cafeteria in socially distanced spaces. You MUST throw out your trash and return to your seat when finished eating.

  • Weather permitting, you may be allowed to eat outside, provided we have available supervisors to ensure you are appropriately socially distanced from everyone else.

  • If you prefer, you may go to the library instead of the Sam Springer Gym or Cafeteria as a quiet space to work.

  • If and only if you do NOT have a scheduled lunch period, you may eat a bag lunch during the first 10 minutes of class during period 5, 6, 7, or 8 only.


Click here to access the High School/Middle School monthly A/B-day calendar:

The 2020-2021 calendar will not be mailed this year as there are so many changes being made. We will continue to update the website and printable grids and a calendar summary are available here:


The District website provides information regarding the reopening:



Dear Parents,

Welcome to the PTSA Connections Corner! Here you will find the latest PTSA news and information about upcoming events and happenings that the HS PTSA sponsors and/or supports. We are always available to answer any questions and look forward to a wonderful school year. We thank you in advance for your support.


Your PTSA Co-Presidents

Tania Schwarzwald

Allyson Edelman


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