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Did you know?

  • Women who work from home have a 65% higher change of getting cancer in their lifetime.
  • Women who clean homes for a living have an 80% higher chance. These are staggering statistics.
  • In the last 50 years 80,000 chemicals have been created and only a minor 200 have been studied to learn their impact on humans.
  • Asthma is one of the United State's most common chronic health conditions. Many substances like dust mites or ingredients found in dryer sheets (like chloraform!) and other aggressive cleaning products (Clorox wipes are "hazardous to humans and domestic animals" according to the back of the container) can aggravate allergies or increase asthma symptoms in people who are sensitive to these allergens or irritants.

Give yourself a gift this Christmas. Rid your home of harmful cleaning products (toilet bowl cleaner is the most toxic thing in our homes next to dryer sheets) and invest in your future with toxic free cleaning products!


Black Friday Sale!

Contact me with an order during the following hours this Friday, November 22nd (a week before Black Friday)

to receive your Black Friday discount:

12am6:30am: 20% off

6:31am – 1pm: 15% off

1:01pm – 8pm: 10% off

Plus FREE Shipping for any order over $100**

**(before tax and shipping and after your discount)

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Megan Slate


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Megan Slate - Norwex Consultant

I am a Norwex fanatic! This product can change the course of people's lives. The chemicals we use in our homes are so harmful to us and our children and most of the time we don't even realize it. Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a home party or talking with me and learning more about Norwex products!