Horse Back Riding

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I have been riding horses for about 8 years now. I have two horses, Kera and Kahlua who are both percheron draft crosses. When I was little I would always dream about riding, and one day my grandpa signed me up for lessons and Ive been riding ever since. After sticking with riding for so long, Ive been able to accomplish a ton. Ive been lucky enough to shadow trainers and work at barns to see what it is really like, owning my own horses taught be a lot about responsibility and overall you could say I'm a pretty good rider. I think the thing that really draws me to horseback riding is how exciting it it, its the most freeing and exhilarating experience in the world.

Michael Turner

Honestly, my biggest role model in the equestrian world is my main trainer. I have learned more from him in the year I've been working with than I have the past 8 years. He has allowed me to assist him in training horses and has given me lessons to improve my riding.

Trainer, Barn Manager, Riding Instructor

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What college major would be ideal for me to go into if I want to be a trainer?

What will knowing about training help me if I wanted to be a riding instructor?

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Find what specific area I want to go into.

Look for a college with a good equestrian college.

See what the process is to get in.