Educating the Women of the World

By: Melissa Baloy

There are 796 million adult illiterates in the world.

According to the United Nation for Education, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO) two out of every three of illiterate people are women.

Why We Need to Make Education Accessible

It is believed that providing education for women would significantly reduce the amount of poverty, childhood marriage, and teen pregnancy. With just a high school education, women would be more qualified for jobs, which will then lead to financial stability for the individual and the family. Illiteracy not only affects the parents, but future generations as well. If parents are not educated, the likelihood of their children receiving a good education is slim to none.
Women's education in Afghanistan threatened

Understanding Boko Haram

Even though religion and culture play a huge role in whether or not women receive an education, perhaps the biggest issue at hand is the threat of outside forces- such as Boko Haram- looming over the people.
Understanding Boko Haram

What We Can Do & What is Already Being Done