News from Room 23

Jury Duty for Mrs. Gurley

Dear Parents

As you know, one of our civic duties is serving on jury duty when we are called. My turn is here. I did meet with the judge and ask to be postponed until summer. I explained my feeling of wanting to be in the classroom each day. The judge, however, decided that I could serve my time right now. The trial is scheduled to last 27 days. I will be at the Vista courthouse Monday through Thursday. I will be at work every Friday until the trial is finished. I am hoping the trial finishes earlier than anticipated or that the two parties settle quickly. Either way, I will become more knowledgable about our court system!

Hayley Simpson

Hayley Simpson will be my substitute. She has been in my classroom several times this year and I am happy she willingly took on the job! I will be in daily communication with Hayley. I have told the students that they may still call me with homework questions or concerns. And again, I will be in class each Friday.