Destruction of Human Life for Land

By Ryan Gilman

Thrive for land to the west

Westward expansion has had impact on many lives. In the 1840’s the government was expanding west for more land and for resources they were trying to put down railroads for transport and they were trying to expand for the greater good of the nation. In the process of expansion the government had found gold in the black hill’s. During the time the black hills were occupied by the native americans their sacred land. The government did not care that the native americans were their they wanted their gold.

In the time they wanted to lay down railroad track in the native’s land but the natives had no want for the track. The government first fought the natives for the land and the natives fled for canada and soon came back to america. Then in that point in time the government forced them to assimilate and become part of the country but they did not want that. The government had killed many natives and forced them to live in a way they were not used to. The government finally offered them money for the land and they declined the money the government's plan was to take the land that had the gold and buy it from them and give the natives small bit of land for their own. The natives did not like that then the government finally offered them a better deal of money for the land and in the process of assimilation they killed a large amount of natives including the iconic sitting bull leader of the sioux tribe.

The government's greed for land and gold took over the joy of human life. They never cared they killed all those people but they killed so many natives and they stole their land from them. That is just one way that the thrive for land overcomes human life.

Sitting bull souix cheif

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Sitting Bull is one of the more famous native americans in history. Hes was the leader/Cheif of the souix tribe. At first he dissowned assimalation and fought to keep his land and then lead his people to saftey of canada. His people then left and assimilated into american culture he soon later assimilated him self and one night was shot while he was being arrested

Collage for westward expantion

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West ward expantion

Westward Expansion: Crash Course US History #24

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