Bravery comes in many forms

Dallyn Edmunds, period 4 and 5

Development of theme analysis

My theme means courage can come in many forms. In Freak the Mighty, it shows many examples of courage from many sources, giving me my theme. Freak and Max,the two main characters, do many courageous things. On page 150, Freak demonstrates bravery to Max by saying, "You're not the one having surgery". As you can see, that is an act of bravery. When Max is kidnapped by his father, Freak demonstrates bravery by going after Max to save him. And when Loretta and Iggy decide to save Max, they were brave as well. The characters led up to the theme by doing courageous and brave things. The plot includes their deeds, so it does the same. Freak and Max live in a dumpy neighborhood, so they have to be brave to fight the challenges, which leads up to the theme.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the author's theme. I believe that the author wrote an amazing story that followed the theme and used it many times throughout the story. It relates to our time by saying itself. Today, bravery does come in many places because we face challenges throughout our lives, and everyone can be brave. The author talked about bravery many times throughout the plot and had characters do brave things as well. For example, when Max was kidnapped Freak disobeyed his mother and went after Max himself. And Iggy and Loretta were brave when they hatched their plan to free Max, although it failed in the end. In conclusion, I agree with the author's theme in this story.

Visual Representations of the Theme

Title of book and author's name

The Summary

In Freak the Mighty, Max is a dumb kid who is feared by everyone because of how big he is. Freak is a genius who has a medical birth defect that makes him small. When Freak moves in, Max and him become friends and together, become Freak the Mighty. They go to watch fireworks and make fun of Blade, leader of a gang. They escape and that was how Freak the Mighty started. When Max's dad gets out of prison with parole, he violates a restraining order and kidnap Max. He takes Max to Iggy and his wife Loretta's house, who Max and Freak met earlier. Iggy and Loretta are afraid of Killer Kane. They decide to free Max. When she tries and fails, Killer Kane starts strangling her. Max snaps out of his wimpy attitude and tries to fight Killer Kane and says he remembers when he killed his own wife, who is Max's mom. He turns to kill Max, but Freak shoots him in the eyes with a mix of garlic,curry powder, and soap. Killer Kane gets sent back to prison and all returns to normal. When Kevin's birthday comes, and he has a seizure. He is sent to the ICU and Max goes to visit him. Freak tells Max to write about their adventures. He has been getting tests for a bionic body and he says it will be tonight, and he will not have time to write them, because he will be adjusting to his bionic body. When Max returns, Kevin has died and Dr. Spivak told him the bionic body was a hope, but not real.

Author Information

The author's name is Rodman Phillbrick. He published the book in 1993 with Everbind, a publishing company. His book has been turned into a movie titled "The Mighty". Before he was an author he was a boat builder. He also wrote a sequel to Freak the Mighty, titled Max the Mighty.