Rett Syndrome

May, Sapir and Noa

Rett Syndrome :

Our names are Sapir , May and Noa .

we wanted to tell about a girl with Rett Syndrome .

Rett Syndrome is Syndrome with symptoms of disabilities and slow developental process compared to standards.

Girls with Rett Syndrome are exceptionally, beautiful who don't talk at all.

They born as normal healthy babies, but stop to develop abilities around the age of two.

Sinay :

Sinay is a happy child, always laughs and smiles ,who anderstand everything.

The doctors have discoverd that Sinay had a Rett Syndrome.

It came suddenly , her abilities started to decrease .

It was hars for her to catch things, to connect with others, to switch kinder garden , and to meet new friends.

Many babysiters came to her everyday to help her to develop new abilities.

With the time, she started to go to the scouts , to play with children like her ...

Why we chose this Syndrome ?

We chose to tell about a girl with Rett Syndrome because this Syndrome is close to us , in our private life .

I ( May ) have a cousin with this Syndrome and we wanted to use this project to explore and learn about this Syndrome .

This picture is a picture of Sinay .

Rett Syndrome