Mrs. Schettone's News

November 9th-13th


This week we celebrated our Star Sailor Mason! We learned so much about Mason this week! Check it Out!

  • On Monday, Mason shared his All About Me Poster! We learned that Mason wants to be a Pediatrician when he grows up and that his favorite animals is a monkey!
  • On Tuesday, Mason shared his favorite book "The Napping House" and we read it in class!
  • On Wednesday, Mason shared his favorite song that we got to sing and dance to at the end of the day, "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift!
  • On Thursday, Mason shared his favorite snack, brownies, that we got to enjoy at the end of the day!
  • On Friday, we made Mason a Star Sailor book about what makes him so special!

We had a great time learning about you this week Mase!


This week, Kindergarten wrapped up their amazing Giving Without Walls Project, Treats for Troops! From November 2nd-6th, CBA students donated Halloween Candy to their collection boxes outside their classrooms! On Friday, we brought all of the collection boxes to our classrooms in preparation for this past week! On Monday and Tuesday, we weighed each class' collection box and then sorted the candy into two groups, chocolate and non chocolate! On Wednesday and Thursday, students wrote letters to soldiers thanking them for their service to our country! On Thursday morning, Kindergarten reported our results at Pride time to the entire school! WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE COLLECTED 381 POUNDS OF CANDY FOR TREATS FOR TROOPS! Amazing job! On Thursday evening, Mrs. Schettone and Mrs. Schwartz delivered all of the candy, letters to the soldiers, and flags that we made to Stockings for Soldiers in Wilmington, Delaware! They were over the moon excited and grateful for our donation! The candy, letters, and flags will be boxed up within the next two weeks and distributed to soldiers all over the world. We are very proud of our Kindergartners for their dedication, help, and excitement, which made this project a HUGE success!


  • We learned about the letters S and T! We started off the week by reading "Seals Silly Sandwich" and we created a list of S words on our big SUNSET! We then practiced writing the letter S in our handwriting book! We then read "My S Book" and added more words to our SUNSET! Students then practiced writing the letter S on their identification and exploratory S worksheet! Students then practiced writing the letter S in their journal and also completed a final S writing for their portfolio! We then read "When Tilly Turtle Came to Tea" and we created a list of T words on our big TREE! We then practiced writing the letter T in our handwriting book! We then read "My T Book" and added more words to our TREE! Students then practiced writing the letter T on their identification and exploratory T worksheet! Students then practiced writing the letter T in their journal and also completed a final T writing for their portfolio!
  • We learned three new sight words: "my", "like", and "we." Students completed various word work activities throughout the week!
  • We read our concept book for the week "In the Grasslands!" We learned that two major continents that have grasslands where wild animals live are Africa and Australia! Students then completed a graphic organizer where they identified three baby animals from the book and their special names! We learned that a baby lion is called a cub, a baby kangaroo is called a joey, and a baby elephant is called a calf!
  • We read our big book for the week "Animal Babies." We learned all about various animals and their special names! We learned about different characteristics for each and where they live! We learned about the concept of Main Idea and Details! We created a web on the board identifying the main idea, "Animal Babies", and then students gave me four details supporting the main idea! Afterwards, students completed a writing where they identified a mother animal and its baby and illustrated both of them! They did a great job!
  • We had reading groups and literacy centers! While Mrs. Schettone read with each group, students rotated through literacy centers practicing letters S and T, sight words we, my, and like, beginning and ending sounds, and building sentences! On Friday, Mrs. Schettone met with each student to complete a writing activity in their journals! Students each made a main idea web in their journals supporting their reading group story of the week! They did a great job!


  • Students practiced writing and showing numbers 16-20 in their math books!
  • Students practiced writing numbers 11-20 in their handwriting books!
  • Students used a die and completed a roll and write activity where they had to draw what the number looked like on the die, write the number, write the number using tallies, and show the number on a ten frame!
  • Students continued to work their way through their 11-20 number packet where they have to practice writing the number, showing the number on a ten frame, and show the number by coloring in dots!
  • Students completed a number grid with Mrs. Schettone! Students were assigned a number and they had to show the number in stickers, show the number in tallies, show the number by using illustrations, and show the number in a double ten frame!
  • Students practiced ordering numbers 12-19 by completing a number puzzle! Students had to color and cut out number strips 12-19! Students then had to put the number strips in order and glue them down on a piece of construction paper to reveal the hidden picture!


On Monday, we celebrated Liah's Birthday! We sang to Liah at PRIDE time and then we enjoyed a birthday snack for her in the afternoon!


The 4th Grade put on a Patriotic Veteran's Day Fair on Wednesday, November 11th! Kindergarten went in and spent about a half hour exploring the different booths and activities! Students each got a yellow ribbon, a patriotic tattoo, added to the school flag by adding their red thumbprint and signing their name, and then completed a patriotic coloring activity. Students then rotated around to the different booths learning about the history of popular patriotic songs including taps, the national anthem, the national anthem by Jimi Hendrix, America the Beautiful, and many more! The 4th Grade, Mrs. Scott, and Ms. Moser did a great job! They also led the school effort for Jeans for Troops! Mrs. Scott will announce this week the total amount that we raised for the troops! Well done!
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Week Of November 16th-20th

  • Letters: U and V
  • Sight Words: We, Like, and My
  • Concept Book: The Bear
  • Big Book: Bear Snores On
  • Comprehension Skill: Realism Vs. Fantasy
  • Grammar Skill: Nouns, Adjectives, Beginning/Ending Sounds
  • Math: Counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's to 50 and 100
  • Social Studies: Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and Native Americans
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  • Report Cards and Comments were emailed out on Friday! Please be sure to check your emails and look over your child's report card! Please let me know if you have any questions!
  • Friday, November 20th is our Thanksgiving Family Feast! It will begin at 12pm! We hope all can attend! We are asking each family to sign up to donate one item! Please click on the following link to sign up! FEAST SIGN UP!
  • Tuesday, November 24th is 4th Grade Spirit Day! All Students may dress down and wear their PJs to school! What a snug way to welcome Thanksgiving Break!
  • School will be closed Wednesday, November 25th-Sunday, November 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday! Enjoy your break!