How do chameleons change colors

Understanding Chameleons

Changing colors

Chameleons are known for their quick color changing abilities which helps them blend into the background/surrounding. There are many layers of skin underneath the skin that helps them change colors. They also change colors to communicate with each other, the lighter colors mean they are ready to mate and the darker colors mean they are angry, that is like there secret code to talk to each other. The different colors that chameleons can change to are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown. Chameleons can't generate their own body heat so they have to turn darker to attract the sun and lighter to reflect the sun. They also change colors as camouflage to stay away from predators. If chameleons are excited they might turn red, if its calm it might turn green with a light blue fragment with some yellow.
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Were they live?

Most chameleons live in africa, but some live in madagascar, some of them can be found in india, the middle east, and southern europe. Chameleons don't originally live in the united states but people brought them here and some people let them go and now they roam around the united states. There are almost 180 types of chameleons and only a few of them are endangered. But most of them are threatened in some way or another like people cutting down trees and killing chameleons or being captured and sold at pet stores. Fossils have shown that chameleons have roamed the earth for over 80 million years. Lets keep them alive and have them around much longer.
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How to take care of a chameleon

First buy a chameleon and all my supplies that you would need you can get them at a local pet store. Once you have that get food (preferably crickets that are dead) and hold it in your hand and the chameleon will grab it with his tongue. Next get a spray bottle and spray the leaves with water that is how they will drink. Further make sure that your chameleon has enough heat use a heat lamp. Then spray your chameleon make sure that he isn't dry this will also help the humidity in the cage. Next make sure that he gets enough attention play with him. DO NOT let your chameleon interact with other chameleons they are very aggressive with other chameleons. Don't let your chameleon's cage get to dirty clean it every week. If your chameleon is a female check and see if it is pregnant. People love owning chameleons they are a very easy animal to take care of and they don't cost that much to own.
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Characteristics of chameleons

Chameleons have many interesting characteristics and many different ways of hunting their prey. They have teaser like feet that can hook onto the branch so the chameleon won't fall off the branch. Chameleons are the only animal in the world that can look in two different directions at once. They can be as small as the tip of your thumb but grow to be the size of your hand plus a few inches. Chameleons have to stay very still when they are catching their prey or move slowly and quietly on a branch or the ground. After that the chameleon locks its eye on its prey and with his long tongue it eats its meal.


Chameleons have lived on this earth for many many years lets keep it that way. Don't cut down trees that just kills many species of animals including chameleons. Lets keep them alive longer.