Book vs.Movie

The Whipping Boy

In what ways was it different in the movie then how you imagined it?

The town was different then i imagined, because the town was a lot nicer. The reason why it is a lot nicer is because it had paved roads and i thought it would just be a plan gravel road. Another is because i didn't think that jemmy and his sister Annie Rose would have nice clothes like they did.

Now think about the main character. How was he or she diffrent than you imagined?

Prince Brat was different because he was a lot nicer in the movie than in the book. I thought he was going to be a whole lot meaner in the movie then in the book. Because in the book he got in trouble just so Jemmy could get whipped.

Think of a character or part of the book tht was not in the movie. Give three possible reasons why the people who made the movie left that part or character out.

Jemmy had a sister named Annie Rose and she looked like she was 8 or 10 years old. The reason why i think they put Annie Rose in the movie then in the book is because they wanted to make the movie better and different then the book itself. Another reason is because they might have thought that who ever the person was reading might not have payed good attention to the book and not of noticed that Jemmy didn't have a sister.

Do you think the people who made the movie did a good job of portraying the book? Why or why not?

Yes because when they add more characters i think it makes it better and more interesting then not having different characters then in the book.

Which did you enjoy more, the book or the movie? Why?

Because you can understand it more and see it pictured different then in your own mind.