Noticing Zero

A description of Zero

The Character's Appearance

Zero is a charcter in the novel, "Holes." He is small, skinny, poor, has curly dark hair, hes also African American

Characters actions

Zero doesnt talk much and he is the fastest digger in Group D. Zero also wants Stanley to teach him how to read and write. Zero just wants to learn how to read because he doesnt have anybody to write to. pg. 81-82

What The Character Says

Zero asked stanley to help him read and write. Zero asked Stanley whats a nursey ryme. Zero is always at the end of the water truck. Zero doesnt know how to read and write because hes a little kid thats been at camp. pg.81-82

What Others Say About The Character

They tell Stanley that Zero is empty headed. They say that because he doesnt talk much. Stanley thinks that Zero is a good and fastest digger. pg. 19 26