September 2021

Welcome back!

It's been a great first few weeks of the school year! We're happy to be back for the second year of the Virtual Learning Academy, and we look forward to a lot of fun learning experiences!
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Zoom Expectations for Students

  • Be respectful to the speaker and one another

  • Be on time and stay online for the duration of the lesson

  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking

  • Dress and behave as you would in a traditional classroom

  • Wait to be called on before you speak (you can use the raise hand feature or ask your questions in the chat)

  • Minimize Distractions! Choose a spot where you can focus on class. Keep other electronics away during class.

  • Eat your lunch during your lunch time, not Zoom time

  • Only drinks with lids near the Chromebook

  • Camera On, Focus, Share, Participate, Smile and Ask Questions!!!

VLA Student Projects - 'What does VLA mean to you?'

Ms. Coleman's Class

Get to know our VLA teachers!

Elementary Teachers

5th grade - Katie Wilkins and Gary Bassler

4th grade - Deborah Brooks and Brittany Haehlen

3rd grade - Kendall Whitfield and Eryn McNamara

2nd grade - Ashley Martin and Alison Hadady

1st grade - Kiauna Coleman and Megan Cook

Kindergarten - Amanda Shroats

Middle School Teachers

Social Studies - Chase Noffsinger

Math - Sarah Moon

Art - Jim McGuire

English - Kate Mayfield

Health & PE - Kevin Lawson

Science - Nicole Brown

Spanish - Adan Henriquez

High School Teachers

Math - Doris Thompson and Leeann Kersey

Science - Rebecca Miculinich

English - Jenny Adams and Dorian Hairston

Social Studies - Margaret Brewer

Student Support

ELL - Randy Barrette

Gifted and Talented - Jennifer Souers

Resource Teachers - Allison Perry and Shonda James

Account Specialist - Carla Morton

Occupational Therapist - Amealia Lindsay

Speech Language Pathologist - Michelle Baute

Intervention - Allison De Vries

Counselors - Mark Cook and Steve Jenkins

VLA Back to School Fun!

Reminder - School Picture Day!

Student photos for 6th-11th grade will be taken on September 30, 2021 from 3 pm - 5:45 pm at the VLA offices at 1126 Russell Cave Road. If any K-5 student missed the previous picture day, they are welcome to come on September 30th.
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