How light pollution is caused

Don't let It Burn


Lights can be shielded to not shine up into the sky. Such lights only shine on the ground. Shielded lights help prevent light pollution. Some

communities work to fight light pollution. They limit the type and position of lighting fixtures. Lights can damage eyesight and it can cause a burn out (fire). Also leaving light's on before a rain storm can cause lightning to happen or strike. Boom, Boom, POW!!

Many street and building lights in towns and cities are not aimed at only the ground. Instead, their light goes in many directions, including up into the sky. Such lights, combined over the area of a city, create a type of light pollution called sky glow. This glow is often brighter than starlight. It hides stars' light in much the same way that the sunlit sky does during the day.

In addition, some lights are positioned so that they shine on areas that people wish to remain dark. Such light pollution, called light trespass, may annoy people and interfere with the work of observatories. Lights should be turned off during the day because that can cause a power outage throughout the whole house or maybe even the whole street or the whole world... No that will never happen but remember to always turn off your light's. Somewhere through the begining of the text it say's something about the city light not only aimed at the ground it goes in many directions that can damage eye sight like the text in the begining of the text. LIght's effect's the behavior of many animals , including migrating bird's, frogs and sea turtles Such animals may be attracted to artificial light sources, disrupting their natural movements. In some cases, excessive light can disrupt an animal's internal body rhythms.

It costs a lot of money to light up homes, public places, sports and commercial places. Apart from the fact that tax payers pay needlessly for this, the nation uses millions of tons of oil and coal to produce the power needed to light the sky. Meanwhile, the environmental cost of producing this energy is another worrying issue that can be discussed at another time. In the USA, 8% of its total energy is used for outdoor lighting, and out of that, 80% is used for commercial and public exterior lighting.— Darksky.

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