by J. hernandez 2nd period

The followers of the islam religion are called muslims. The teachings or or beliefs are called the 5 pillars, the first pillar is for belief or believe in god the second is for prayer or pray 5 times a day the third is for charity or giving the fourth is for fasting or no food or drinks and the fifth is for pilgrimage like the annual hajj. The sacraments are the five pillars and pork and alchohal are not allowed to be consumed. the place of worship is called a mosque. the worship leader is called the imam and the teacher is the mullah. The islamic holy book is called the koran or quran. The holy days are Eid al fit, Eid al adhs which is a festival at the end of the hajj in mecca in honor of abraham. Ramadan is the ninth month of the islamic year in which the koran was sent from allah to their prophet mohammed. on ramadan you don't eat or drink. The holy city is called Mecca. Mecca is the holy site in which the annual hajj takes place. The annual hajj is when all the muslims go to mecca and ray to their god and walk around the kaaba on the annual hajj. The kaaba is the most sacred mosque of all time and is located in mecca. The common figure is abraham and this is a monotheism religion.