who i am

i am dennis. i live in bedum its a small town in the province groningen.its quite nice there but in the Netherlands there are no mountains , its literally flat.

I bike to school every day except if it rains to hard or the wind is like pushing me of my bike, only than I go with the train.

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i am 14 years old , i've got my birthday on the second of august .

i've got a sister and a brother , there names are lisa and thomas.

and i am a scout for over six years and realy enjoy it.

i love nature, but i am not the kind of guy that cachtes butterflies with a net

i am a huge fallout fan , i just love the game.

and as i do love it in the netherland i am very excited about going to poland

my english is quite good but i could be better ,and when i speak english i usually speak with a brittish accent . i've got my reasons.

i also wacht a lot of youtube video's that is probably why my english is quite okay.

my favorite youtuber is vanoss.

through him learnd to know e-dubble wich is my favorite singer.


i am a scout for six years now,that is a long time .

i met great people there and i am Always excited about the camps.

scouting is basically a sport were you build things have fun and start a fire ,its everything that is fun about nature

my gaming addiction

yes I love gaming ,we all do .

I am not going to explain why I am quite addicted , but I am just going to tell what games I play so you learn little bit more about me

just to clarify I've got an xbox360 not a ps

a long time ago i started with minecraft now i am stuck to pegi 18 games

i play a lot of rpg(role playing games) i love the way you can customize your one character en play with it the way you want .

like fallout wich is definitely my favourite game

I also got some first person shooters like cod but I don't really play them very often.

my favourite game studios is Bethesda but I like a lot ubisoft as well.

FALLOUT 3 (Honest Game Trailers)

what i do i my spare time

through the week I usually just make my homework and then go and waste my time on gaming.

but in the weekend I go to scouting ,I go upstairs and work out idees for a game (I don't actually make games but I am planning to do that in the future),I still game a lot also in the weekend , I some times go for a walk. it's not much but I enjoy doing it

music i like

I like all kinds of music(not dubstep) but even that isn't even that bad.

I like e-dubble , rammstein ,gaming theme's, avicii , all of it is totally different .

I love to sit in my room watch the outside and listen to e-dubble, and when I go out for a walk I always like to have some gaming music in the background, and rammstein is a perfect way to get just a little bit quicker at school with my bike.

e-dubble - Taking My Time (Freestyle Friday #40)

what else do you want to know about me?