Making an IMPACT

Christyna Skidmore, PreK-12th IMPACT Counselor, LPC, NCC

October 2020

Building Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person's feelings. To teach children empathy, there are two great tips to get your child to practice.

Kids love to pretend. Encourage your child to imagine they are a new student in school. Ask them to say what that person may be feeling and how they'd like to be treated. It's easier to feel empathetic toward someone you're familiar with. Suggest that your child get to know their classmates. They could invite a student they don't know as well to play with them at recess or to read a book together in the library or sit together at lunch.

Rested and Ready

When your child wakes up easily and feels ready to start the day, that's a good sign they are getting enough sleep. But if they are too groggy in the morning or they are sleepy in school, try slowly adjusting his bedtime until he feels alert in class. Experts recommend 10-11 hours of sleep per night during the Elementary and Middle School years and 9-10 hours in High School.

Success = Self-Confidence!

Promote self-confidence

Noting builds success like success itself, so give your child plenty of chances to shine! Let them pursue their interests, even if they are not what you would have chosen for them. Or encourage them to learn a new hobby. Feeling capable is a great confidence booster!

Christyna Skidmore, MS., LPC, NCC

IMPACT Counselor PreK-12th