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October 12, 2015 - SUCCESS STORY

The collaborative classroom is a different type of learning environment than any other. Two people are asked to come together and share the responsibility of teaching students with different needs and approaches mandated by federal law. It can be stressful to say the least. Typically, there is no additional time for the pair to collaborate and plan. Let's not forget that the ownership of a classroom can be a difficult thing to navigate.

Coach Watts and Ms. Miles, collaborate in order to meet the needs of their students. One of the toughest things to do is have that ability to interchange, in a collaborative setting, the "leader" of the class.

The success story is what can happen in the collaborative setting, Ms. Miles took the lead. Ms. Miles was the "leader" the "teacher" in the class. This was an on purpose and represents a high level of preparation and planning. Coach Watts was right there in the thick of the lesson assisting and teaching as well.

One of the most important lessons from this is the one that the students were not assessed on...the modeling of collaboration and shared leadership. This type of success happens every time we engage with one another about a student we have concerns about, get advice on strategies we want to try with our students, when we endeavor to collectively improve our craft, or even share frustrations with Canvas representatives during our time off from work. We are learning right along with everyone else!!!

Congratulations Coach Watts and Ms. Miles for striving to BE THE ONE x2!!!

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October 11 - Teresa Harris

October 12 - Christian Gunner

October 14 - Mary Randolph

October 18 - Amber Saunders

October 21 - Janet Hightower

October 23 - Larry Sorrell

October 23 - Hayle Swearingen

October 24 - Kellye Cuzzort

October 25 - Jessica Herring

October 26 - Sharon Phelps

October 29 - Laurie Lindsay

Calendar of Events

October 12 - Verify Grades

October 13 - PTO Sponsored Event: ACT Aspire Parent Meeting @ 6:00 PM

October 13 - Cookie Dough Money Turn in

October 13 - NMSI Math Meeting CO 8:30-3:00

October 13 - Make-up Picture Day/Sports Team Pictures

October 15 - Report Cards Sent Home

October 15 - SCA Sponsored Assembly - 6th Grade - 2nd Period - 7/8th Grade 5th Period

October 16-17 - Fall Carnival

October 20 - Special Olympics @ Milton Frank Stadium for West Wingers

October 22 - Tip-Off Tournament vs. DMS @ MMS 4:30

October 26 - Tip-Off Tournament @ SMS 4:30 PM - Consolation Games - Teams TBD

October 27 - Tip-Off Tournament @ MMS 4:30 PM - Championship Games - Teams TBD

October 29 - 3 Weeks Progress Report Sent Home

**During October, the SCA will be collecting socks for the homeless**