Homework Assignment #2

You will create a digital flyer!

Assignment details

You are the marketing manager for a company of your choice that has an online presence and who is conducting a sale. Visit the company's web site and select any on-sale product that catches your eye, and create a flyer that describes the product and the sale. Be sure to include a link back to the website so your audience can learn more.

Be creative!

You have the freedom to add whatever you would like to make your flyer visually appealing and enticing so that the viewer will want to purchase the product immediately!

Relax and enjoy this assignment! :)

What to do after you have finished creating your flyer:

1. Click "Done editing" and then click "flyer settings".
2. Set the flyer to "Private".
3. Change any other settings that you wish. (For example, I turned off the "follow" feature as well as a few other things.)
4. When you are finished changing your settings, it will show that your flyer is Private and it will give you a box with the URL (address) to the flyer. Copy that URL and paste it into a Word document and drop the document into the Homework #2 dropbox.
5. The more enticing your flyer is, the better your grade! :) Feel free to add additional features from the bottom of the flyer (video, audio, buttons, form, etc.).

Julie Franklin, ENG225 Instructor

Don't forget to include your contact details! (You can make these up if you are uncomfortable with putting your real information on the flyer for this assignment.)