Queuing system analysis

Traditional queuing theory

Queueing theory that early work to an independent discipline AKErlang Telephone exchanges, published in 1909, the year this year. In an area outside Meaning, not just the normal probability theory, stochastic queuing system processes, however, and What about this one then whose job is to specify the AAMarkov In 1906 came to be called Markov processes. Køteorien structure we know today, In the early 1950s due to a series of free works.

It was Kendall Introduce special reference to the classification of the order. Its strong links to the theory of stochastic processes and queuing theory course It's practical applications, with proper control, so there is a contrast from the study The analysis led to rather complex expressions involving public offerings However, immediately it was rather difficult queuing system to translate it queuing system into something usable.

This, however, is Koteoretiske demand due in part, reversed in recent years, the Computer systems design considerations. This interest has led to There are many places to network queuing system congestion, and the waiting time, the array systems, network Connected to a network connection. There are other reasons for the renewed interest in queuing theory. An array system analysis About attendance and performance, and computer applications in the world that has seen Required to be operated and individuals ( users ), but For example, it could be. Information packs.

But you are here, it does not stop For example, the money will be. Reserves " served " will be entitled to an insurance company So as to prevent the bankruptcy of the company, is. This leads to the Occurrences of the study may be particularly interested in the order The subrogation? ' S, and when adding køteorien rare, but the disaster is Deviations in a number of other queuing system fields of study ( " the Great Taboo " ) and are Heavy tails ( relative to the normal distribution ) out documents.

In short, some køteorien rise, and the following tips ( hopefully ) provide some sense. At the same time, the number of points which they are most interested in Other things, led to the development of the theory of a single row as part køteorien Time, usage and settings that are suitable for the analysis of the serial number.

Highly H.Keiding: Queueing theory 2011II Note 1, page 2 In short, This is an evolution from the traditional to the In queuing system the concrete case of the arrival of the supplies køsystemets Operation, and the part that does not require assumptions about ( 1 ) the general conditions of the Distributions, and ( 2 ) tamattuv. We are often good reasons Stick to the traditional queuing theory, queuing theory, but from time to time we have new missions.

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