What's Trending in Room 228

Mrs. Marcum's class

Weekly Attendance = 98.29%

The district's goal is 96%.

Our class had the highest attendance for Month of December!!!

**This is part of our BSIP (Building School Improvement Plan). To get our average above 96% for the year**

Alien Project

Students have been researching a planet the past week. They are now designing an alien that could live on their planet. They need to make a 3D model of their alien at home and have it at school by Friday, February 5th. I am including the fact sheet to help.

Create your Alien

When you create your alien, you will want to consider the atmosphere, composition, atmospheric pressure, gravitational pull and the other characteristics of your planet. You will try to imagine what kind of life could exist on the planet you have researched. You can create your alien out of a variety of materials.

Consider what these materials could represent on your planet. Maybe the latex of a balloon could represent a special skin. Tin foil cut into pieces could represent solar reflection. Use your imagination! Here are some suggested materials you could use for your alien:

-2L soda bottles

-paper plates

-streamers -balloons

-googley eyes




-egg cartons

-old, cleaned-out jars (remember no glass on the buses)

-construction paper

-cotton batting or stuffing

-socks -buttons

-cardboard boxes or shoe boxes

-toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes

-tin cans

-wax paper

-tin foil

-plastic wrap

You will create a 3D model of your alien to go along with your passport. Your alien and passport will be due on _____Friday, February 5th___________. We will be having a Welcome to Earth celebration on that day.

Mark your Calendar:

  • Monday, January 25th- Wednesday, February 3rd-- PHP Soup Drive (See below)
  • Friday, February 5th-- Friendship Grams due
  • Wednesday, February 10th-- Papa John's Night (Use code: Sweeny)
  • Friday, February 12th-- PTO Friendship Class Party (Note sent home earlier this week)
  • Monday, February 15th-- President's Day= School in Session---Snow Make up Day!!
  • Thursday, February 25th-- Last day for PTO Box Top Competition (You can still send Box Tops in they just won't count towards this year's competition.)


  • Math- We have been learning how to add and subtract fractions. Test will be Thursday.
  • Reading- We have started using multiple sources on the same topic to answer questions. And, we will finish this week by discussing the difference between fact and opinion.
  • Writing- We have have been gathering reliable sources for our informational writing piece. In the next week we will begin organizing our information so we can begin writing.
  • Grammar- We have been practicing identifying nouns, and we will continue to substitute strong nouns for weak nouns.

  • Words Their Way- Sort 18 (Latin Roots spect and port )

  • Science- We have started our Solar System unit. Students chose a planet to research, and they have begun that research. They will be creating an alien (at home) that could live on their planet, as well as a passport (at school) for their alien to visit Earth.

Soup Drive January 25- February 3rd

We are having a competition for People Helping People. We are collecting Soup...Yum!!! The class that collects the most soup will get "Soup"er Bowl type snacks on Friday, February 5th!! To help our class win send in any type of canned food, however, PHP has a severe shortage of canned soup. That is the reason for the emphasis on Soup this year.

For every can of soup that is brought in I will give the student 1 minute of extra recess. Depending on how many cans are brought in, it may be divided up among several days. So far we have 2 minutes of extra recess:)

Toy Drive

Conner, Josh, James (from our class), and Dean (from Ms. Gilliland's class) have started a People Helping People Toy Drive. They are collecting gently used and new toys to donate to the "Birthday Shelf" at People Helping People.

Their goal is for Sweeny to raise 300 toys to donate to People Helping People.

Shoe Drive

Mr. Crouch's class is conducting a shoe drive! You can send in your old shoes (even the ones that can't be worn anymore). Just tie the laces together, or put a pair in a bag and tie it closed. Then send it to Mr. Crouch. His students are working hard to get them ready to send off. I will send more information as it is available.

Free Gerbils!!

I am needing to reduce the number of gerbils we have...due to an unexpected gender identity mishap:) Cages at Wal-Mart are around $22. With only one gerbil one bag of food and bedding would last you a few months (food = $4 and bedding = $4).

We have two black ones that still need a home (one is turning a more dark gray color, so I'm not sure what color it will end up being)! They are still really skittish, but Brenna (my daughter) is working on them. They still have a tendency to jump out of your hands (literally).

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Box Tops for Education: End of February is Coming Quick!!

Every single class at Sweeny is in a competition to collect the most Box Tops. Each class that collects at least 1000 box tops will get an extra recess with pop-ices, and the winning class will get an extra surprise!

All the money comes right back to our classroom for me to spend on the students.

Each box top you send in is worth 10 cents for us to spend. It doesn't sound like much, but they can really add up. Ask relatives and friends if they have any extra box tops they aren't using. Most people don't mind cutting them out and saving them if you ask:)