Hope For Drug Users

By:Amy Zhang

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Despite the countless negative impacts drugs have on peoples’ lives, some still fail to make the right decision. Of course, you’ll never use drugs, and your friends and family probably won’t either. But what if they do? Fortunately, there are many things you can do that give drug users hope for recovery.

How To Help

Drugs are a group of substances(such as cocaine and LSD) that are taken by users for their pleasurable effects, which include rushes of positive emotion(euphoria), hallucinations, and many others. However, they also have numerous negative side affects on a user's mood, and are devastating to your health. Unfortunately, they're highly addictive, and it is very difficult to stop once you've started. So if you discover someone you know (classmates, friends, siblings, etc.) is using drugs, you must seek help immediately.

But where? Well, there are many places you can go to for help.One of these places is what is known as a rehabilitation program. These are programs that are designed to help drug addicts get rid of their addiction and live a normal life without the influence of drugs. You can also go to medical institutions, sign up for a support group, or do occupational therapy. But you don’t have to do this all by yourself! Remember that teachers, parents, or other adults you trust are always people you can go to for help.

Cocaine Powder

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How will you identify when someone is on drugs? There are many ways to identify if a person is on drugs. An example is cocaine, one of the more common illegal drugs. If you suspect someone is taking cocaine,watch out for these short term side effects:

-paranoia(an intense feeling of anxiety, fear and distrust)

-dilated pupils

-muscle twitches

-constant nose sniffing


Long term side affects include impaired thinking, permanent vessel damage,and over- excitement. If you see any of the aforementioned symptoms in a suspected cocaine user, please seek help immediately!

Other drugs include marijuana, heroin, and LSD. You should know the symptoms for these drugs, so you can get help for these drug users as soon as possible.

Remember,rehabilitating a drug user is not an easy process. But with so many ways to give them support, even drug addicts can set on to a road to recovery.