Deportation of Undocumented Minors

An argument against this issue

First Argument

1. The deportation of undocumented minors ir wrong because they are here for look new opportunities.

EVIDENCE: "United States (US) deportation system and it's recent application for the integrity and well-being of immigrant families. Since harsh policies were adopted in 1996, millions od non-citienzes, little is known about how it affects Central American immigrant children and families reports analyses of interviews with 18 families; interviews explored participants' experiences and meaning-making of detention." (Kalina M. Brabeck, M Briton Lykes, Rachel Hershbery)

Second Argument

2.Deport Undocumented children is wrong because they can be the future of te United States and create a better society.

EVIDENCE: " The purpose of this three- year study was to acknowledge the counter-stories and learn from the counter-life-histories of undocumented college graduates of Mexican origion as they native graduates and between historical, socioeconomic political and cultural boundaries, barriers and context. The research is grounded in the experiences voices and perspectives of six individuals who graduated from a community college in Arizona.( Carl Bagley)

Third Argument

Deport Undocumented children is wrong because The United States should give more opportunities to them because they come here to make a better life not for them to be in a sociality racist.

EVIDENCE: "Student od Mexican origion are not succeding academically in the same proportion as the rest of the US population. This process of educational failure occurs in the context of overt and more subtle forms of racism experienced througout their schoolong and everyday lives. Undocumented Mexican students face harsher education challenges as they experience life."