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A Little Something to Inspire You in May...

Welcome to May!

Hi Ladies!


Wow- April was an EXCITING month and I am looking forward to May being one as well! Welcome Jenn, Elizabeth, Sharmon, Ashlynne, and Laura!!! Here are a couple of super celebrations and testimonies to start with to encourage you and celebrate with you...



Amory, Jenn, and Jody earned the April's Builder Incentive- WAY TO GO ladies!!!!!!!!! Amory and Jenn have a 30-Oil Carry Case coming their way to show off those oils everywhere they go. Have oils...will travel! Jody has the INFUSE pack coming her way which I know will be a big asset an encouragement as she continues to build her business. (Amory is about to break out her INFUSE pack as well!)

Jody had a lady sign-up on the spot as a result of diffusing R.C. "I was diffusing RC for my 3 year old while I was working today. My client was coughing when she arrived and felt better while she was here! She looked through the simply natural book while her color processed and decided to get the PSK plus RC!"

Amory taught a class with 2 of her team members and had 100% of class members become YL members...all SIX! ;) That's 6 families on their way to better health and wellness! ;)

Wendy made lots of potential contacts setting up and sharing at a local Autism event and had her first class at a local coffee shop with sign-up success! Woohoo!

I made 19 Care Calls in April!!! Something that definitely wasn't in my comfort at first!! But, now I have it down...Here is what I say if you need an idea to help you get started- Care Calls are so important to building relationships and providing support. (I did leave a message with all of this info if they did not answer along with my email and cell number.)

-During one Care Call, a lady shared that PanAway has given relief from a 30-year pain she has experienced and she was VERY impressed with PanAway!

-Another call gave me the opportunity to connect with a member in Washington that did have a reference book or team support so that was an important call! I put her

a reference book in the mail immediately.

Kristi and Jody have been rockin it with consistent and informative online classes- you go girls!!!! I especially enjoyed the online Thieves class and learned a lot!

Linda shared an amazing testimony about one of her members...When she first was interested in the oils, I heard about Ocotea helping to lower blood sugar up to 50 points. She said she'd try it, and sure enough, her sugars dropped! She now uses Ningxia Red, Cinnamon Bark, and Ocotea daily to help regulate her levels, and her morning sugars went from 200-300's to 80-90's! (YA'LL OCOTEA IS IN THE MAY PROMO-YES!!!!!!)

And THIS is why sharing YL oils and products is so incredibly amazing and rewarding and powerful. Keep sharing these wonderful stories with me and others. They equip us with more information we can use to help others. ;)



WE'RE GROWING! In March, our "Oily Heart" team grew by 25 Members!!! And in April, our team grew by TWENTY-SIX Members. I didn't think it could be done..HA..that shows me to NEVER DOUBT! God had other amazing plans. As we continue to grow, and as you add a new member or someone on your team adds a new member, PLEASE make sure the new member...

  1. Is gifted a reference book by you or the person who signed them up- you may have to suggest the gifting of the reference book if the enroller is not actively business building and you can always provide one for purchase to them to give for 16.00 + s&h if you have to mail. The summary here is that everyone really needs a reference book and a contact for support. I keep some on hand if you want to pay me via PayPal and I mail to someone on your behalf.
  2. Receives a "welcome" email like this sample.
  3. Is added to the Simply Natural Facebook Group and their state "Oily Family" group if there is one. This is new and allows people to know if there are any YL EVENTS happening in their state. Let me know if you need assistance with this.
  4. Receives a Follow-Up from you in about 2 weeks after sign-up to see how things are going and answer any questions.
  5. Understands how to use their Virtual Office to track their order and use Live Chat.
  6. Is aware of and/or understands Essential Rewards: In terms of business building and strategy, I would highly encourage monthly ER education and incentives. ER can really help you build a solid foundation in your business and encourage people to commit to YL for a lifestyle change.
  7. Knows about the Essential Rewards incentives that you or I offer each month.


HOW to CLOSE a CLASS I know this is always the hardest part for some so I wanted to share what has worked really well for me. I have had at least one sign-up for EVERY in-person class I have taught and I teach 2 a month (Except for the one "no-show" class this past month- it happens to the best of us! ) so this has worked well for me and I hope it does for you as well. Here is my presentation that I use. When I get to each oil, I tell a quick fact and testimonial and PASS the oil around for all to smell.


WHO's WHO?: Talk about upline here...'s the line-up of YOUR support and leadership team:

Your "upline" begins with me, Leslie...for those of you who don't know me you can read a little about me at my website So you and everyone that is under you is a part of the "OilyHeart" team, as well! I recently earned the rank of Executive and am working towards Silver.

Next, comes Sadie Anderson... she is my direct sponsor and next in your "upline." Sadie and I attend the same church and she is our Youth Pastor's wife. She's amazing and just earned the rank of "GOLD!"

Next, comes Keri Duckett. Keri lives in Texas, is the queen of oily hashtags and sends us an entertaining email every month- be SURE to read. Keri is GOLD as well!

Next, comes Hannah Tallo, PLATINUM

Next, comes Jessica Jacobs, PLATINUM

Next, comes Claudia Dosamantes our DIAMOND Leader

And finally at the top of our team is Alyssa Francis...ROYAL Crown Diamond


MAY BUILDER INCENTIVE: AND...finally....drum roll...

SOOO, to encourage YOU... anyone in MAY who signs up at least 3 people themselves (not placed by someone else) with any Premium Starter Kit will be blessed with EITHER

  • or... the 30-Bottle Essential Oil Carrying Case! Your choice...sent straight to your door from me!
  • or...Book: Healing Oils of the Bible

  • or...a set of 12 Essential Oil, Aromatherapy - Amber Glass Bottle with Roll On Applicator and Black Cap - 10 ml


Here are 2 items that can be placed inside Reference Books before you give to members that will give them the support they need to begin their oily journey...Here is the link to the first one for you to print and the second one you could use this one or use this one as a guide to make your own.

Big image

Again...I recommend studying the Compensation Plan so you can begin to set yourself up for long term success. Build "wide" and "deep." And again, the average income levels per level is inspiring for us "numbers" folks and I can say that this has been accurate so far for me (and sometimes low!) :

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