Immigrate to Canada

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Criteria to apply

If you are wishing to immigrate into canada you usually need to be fluent in either french or english and have significant experience in your field of work.If you believe that you qualify to immigrate to canada you will be evaluated by the following criteria, Education,Language skills,Work experience,Age,Employment alms,Adaptability.After your evaluated, they put or rank you in order of best to allow in to worst to allow into canada.When your placed into this rank system if you are in a certain rank and up they will send you an invitation and after the invitation has been sent you can apply or chose to live in canada permanently.

Benefits for Immigration to Canada

Now you may be wondering why should i live in canada well maybe this will convince you.Immigrants should chose canada over usa and other countries because of canadas amazing economy from our massive oil industry.Canada is a beautiful country although some cities aren't the best looking but no cities ever are and thats why canada has the majestic rocky mountains, great lakes if you enjoy fishing and amazing open plains.You may be thinking ok cool so its a very rich country and looking nice but i want my country to be safe, i ensure you our canadian forces and police force have nothing but true pride in what they do to protect us daily.USA might have more people and manpower but we have respect for our citizens as a whole.