Spartan Military

Spartan Military

  • Boys at the age of 7 left their families to join the military, they made them do this to toughen them up.
  • Only boys could join the army, the women stayed home and did household duties such as weaving and sewing.
  • Only at age 30 could they leave the barracks and start a family but were still soldiers.
  • At age 60 men could retire from the army but could be called back to fight, they could also join the council of elders at that age.
  • In earlier times of Sparta, they didn't focus as much on military but they focused on bronze production and poetry.

Spartan Government

  • Spartan government was almost the same as the Athens government.
  • Only men in both city-states were allowed to be a part of the government.
  • They both started out as an oligarchy, Sparta stayed an oligarchy while Athens turned into a democracy.
  • In both Sparta and Athens they had assemblies in which the people helped decide on different things like voting and doing whats best for the economy.

Spartan Religion

  • In Sparta and ancient Greece they though that the gods like Poseidon and Zeus controlled all natural events like earthquakes, thunder storms and tsunamis.