Friday Note

January 8th through January 23rd

What's going on....

Monday, January 11th

  • ACCESS ELL testing in Pam Ashley's office
  • SAT meeting 3:30 in Lonna' s trailer

Tuesday, January 12th

  • Kangaroo Team Collab Day
  • Angie at Principal PLC team meeting at Battle Elem. from 8:30 to 11
  • PBIS meeting 12:30 in Jennifer Boyer's office
  • Angie at HR meeting at Aslin from 12:30 to 1:30PM

Wednesday, January 13th

  • Fine Arts Extravaganza for 5th graders
  • Bees Collaboration Day

Thursday, January 14th

  • Scholar's Collaboration Day
  • Angie at Aslin for Principal's meeting all day
  • PTA meeting in media center 4PM

Friday, January 15th

  • White cards for teachers are due today

Monday, January 18th


Tuesday, January 19th

  • CRE Sped meeting 12:30PM

Wednesday, January 20th

  • 9:30 to 10AM-Angie subbing for Becky so she can go watch a team meeting.

Thursday, January 21st

  • 8:30-9:30-Angie subbing for Laura F so she can go watch a team meeting.
  • SAT/Vertical Team combo meeting 3:30 to 4:30PM-media center

Friday, January 22nd

  • Angie at Aslin for District Support Team Meeting 8AM to 9AM
  • Celebration Assembly in gym 2:30 to 3PM
  • Winter Wonderland Staff Party Vineyards Subdivision Clubhouse, 5001 Stone Mountain Parkway. Sign up to bring something along with your own beverages. :)

Saturday, January 23rd

  • CPS Employment Fair at Smithton Middle School 9 to 11AM

Pictures around CRE

Be aware.....

  • Teachers please send home the half orange sheet about the Time for Kids in next week's Friday Folders.
  • We will start our address gathering campaign on Monday the 25 after we pump it up in the celebration assembly on Friday the 22nd
  • Please make it a point to come to the Vineyards Clubhouse for our Winter Wonderland Party! We ALWAYS have a blast.
  • More pictures around CRE will come in the Friday Note as soon as the program fixes a glitch that turns them sideways!
  • PLEASE PUT BEHAVIOR DOCUMENTATION SHEETS AND REFERRALS IN ANGIE'S TIME SENSITIVE BOX SO I CAN SEE THEM FIRST! DO NOT PUT THEM ON LAURA'S DESK!!! THEY MUST GO THROUGH ME FIRST. Fill them out COMPLETELY! Parents do need to be contacted by the team or teacher if a behavior documentation is filled out.
  • Buddy room sheets do not get turned into the office. Each team keeps those as documentation for behavior for yourselves. Make it a point to go over these at your meetings.