Room 3 News

Week of Sept.22-26, 2014

What we will be learning..

What will be learning next week:

*Language Arts Unit 1: Week 4 – We Love and Care for Our Pets

-Vocabulary: Adorable, Dear (loved very much), Needs, Sensible,

Train (to teach a person or animal to do something)

- Grammar/Conventions: Punctuation (.?!)

-Spelling Words: clip, flip, slip, flag, black, plan, glass, place, win, sit, come, good

- Skill: Sequence of events (Beginning, Middle, End)

Math Unit 1

Represent and Count quantities up to 120 in multiple ways

* skip coating on number lines

*exploring the 99 chart and patterns

Important Notes:

-On Thursday, Sept. 25th we will celebrate the Johnny Appleseed Day by making homemade applesauce. Please send a few apples by Wednesday. We will be graphing the different kinds of apples before peeling, chopping, and cooking them. Yummy!

Math Unit 1

Represent and Count quantities up to 120 in multiple ways

* skip coating on number lines

*exploring the 99 chart and patterns

Right now First Grade Homework is reading for 20 mins. a night. Every night I will send home two books or a chapter book. The plastic envelope goes back and forth daily.

-We just got the OK to start using the iPads!!! Next week we will go over rules, remind them of the signed contract, take a picture of themselves and save it on the screensaver, close apps, use Doodlebuddy and Educreation. I'm VERY excited!!!

-If you have any gently used books that are no longer getting read, send them in! I'll find a good home for ANY book either in our class library, or a classroom in need. Thanks!

-There are some GREAT after school programs starting in October. They run for 8 weeks from 2:45 – 3:45. Let me know if you want a flyer, they are located in the office and I can send one home. Some of the classes are chess, yoga, and building.

Deadline to order school pictures is Sept. 22.

-SSF offers after school care in room 12. They have great staff that can help with homework, play games, and watch your child from 2:38 until 6:30. It’s a very flexible program where you can drop in any day or schedule a day out of the week. When you're running late for pickup It's very nice to send your child to a supervised room instead of them hanging out in the office lobby.

Community Service Project:

We are still collecting school supplies for San Pasqual Academy. We have a big box in the lobby for all the donations. The students are all in Foster Care.

Upcoming Events:

-Parent volunteers start the week of September 29th. If you are a volunteer you will get a schedule this week.


Sharon O'Brien

A Math Game using numbers to 120!

Pete the Cat Art Project