The Douc Langur


Basic facts

The douc langur is a genus of old world monkeys; there are red-shanked, black-shanked, gray-shanked langurs. The langur is apart of the mammal family, they (like many other mammals) give live birth but have few children. All douc langurs have golden faces with a white chin, they also have black hands and feet. They are anywhere from 20-30 inches tall and from 11-25 pnds.


They are found in southern parts of Asia, mainly found in Indochina, Vietnam, Cambodia. They predominantly live in trees but will come on the ground. They prefer to live in a forest environment. They eat different fruits and foliage and their water comes from the different fruits they eat and have been known to lick damp leaves.

The Problem & The Solution

The douc langurs population has dropped anywhere from 50-80% over the last 30 years. There is an estimated 550-700 wild doucs alive today. their main threats are habitat loss from forestry and also hunting by poachers.The forests on which douc langurs live are disappearing at an exponential rate as logging and agricultural continues. Douc langurs are hunted for food and for use in traditional medicine and for sale as pets. There have been many steps taken towards preserving the langur. The WWF( world wild life foundation) is working with local towns and government to help preserve the langurs habitat. also they are creating harsher consequences for poaching and killing for medicinal purposes. they have added many national parks to keep the wild langur safe.