What is Twitter

Twitter is a social media website that lets users share pictures and messages and view other peoples posts called tweets. In order for you to successfully create a twitter account you must be at the age on 13 or over if you are under than you cant have an account.


Twitter was originally supposed to allow you to listen to podcasts. But then they wanted to make a platform that allows people to contact their friends in short messages at first it was called twitch but they didn´t think it would give the right idea. Then found Twitter in the dictionary and the meaning of twitter is the same thing as what they want it to be. Then in March 21 2006 twitter launched!!

Progression Of Twitter

Twitter started out as twitch then they did´t think that would give the correct idea for what twitter was. Then one day Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsly were looking in a dictonary and fond the name twitter which means a short burst of information and chirps from birds.

Twitters logo also changed from a lower case t to a light blue bird in a blue box to the one now a blue bird not in a box.

Top 3 Twitter users

Can you donate money by using twitter?

yes, you actually can by using a hashtag if someone has an organization and they have a hashtag and you take a picture and tag them and comment the hashtag and they are thinking you are going to pay them.
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Impact On Society

Twitter can help you make friends and get information about whats going on and it has people on it everyday.