Searching For A New Home

Gabi Hickman

Kepler 22b

Common Name: Kep Kep

Diameter of Kepler 22b: 2.4 x Earth

Average distance from the sun: 600 light years

Average temperature:22C/72F

Length of day: 8.5 hours

Length of a year: 290 days

Number of Moons: None

Number of rings: None

How old would you be if you lived on this planet? : 5,632

How much would you weigh on your planet: 271 lbs

What is the distance from Earth: 600 light years

If your spaceship can travel at 1.0c how long would it take to travel to your planet? 5870 years

3 facts about Kepler 22b

  1. Discovered in February 2011 and confirmed December 2012
  2. Has a rock like density (very thick)
  3. A possible chance of life

Three problems that would be expierenced on Kepler 22b

  1. Its very far from Earth (600 light years)
  2. No buildings or homes
  3. No resources

How to fix these issues.

  1. Increase rocket speed
  2. Build homes and stores
  3. Transport food and water