The Jensen Lever

By Raegan Thiemann and Holly Lottmann

What is A Jensen Lever?

The effort of a lever is to apply force to make the object move. The fulcrum is the point on the lever that pivots. The load is the object that you are trying to lift. A lever a long rigid body with a fulcrum along its length.

Classes of Levers

We use levers every day. They can be classified differently depending on the the position of the fulcrum, load, and force. A first class lever is where the pivot is between the load and effort. A second class lever is where the load is between the effort and the fulcrum. A third class lever is where the effort is between the load and the fulcrum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jensen Lever? Does it help me at all?

A Jensen lever is something that has a Fulcrum, a Load, and a Effort.

It helps you every day or your life and you don't even realize it.