Shawnee,Oklahoma tornado strike

Moore, Oklahoma tornado strike

Shawnee, Oklahoma tornado

May 19/2013 Shawnee,Oklahoma was devastated by a tornado that threw down hail rain &debris. Tornados are formed when cool air and warm air basically chase each other they are destructive funnel shaped columns of rotating high speed wind.

How tornadoes form

A tornado forms when a thunder meets high altitude wind. These winds cause rising air in the thunder storms to rotate this causes a storm cloud to create a funnel shaped extension that rapidly spin.

Tornado speed

The destructive tornado that struck Moore,Oklahoma was estimated to be 208 mph making it a f4. Just like the Moore,Oklahoma the tornado that struck Shawnee,Oklahoma was 200 mph making it a f4. The type of damage it caused it to uproot trees flipped cars it destroyed three schools.The death toll of the tornados that struck Moore&Shawnee is at least 24.

Fujita scale

F0 wind speed 35/62 damage:branches destroyed sign boards damaged.

F1 wind speed 63/97 damage:trees snapped windows broken.

F2 wind speed 98/136 damage: large trees uprooted weak structures destroyed.

F3 wind speed 137/179 damage:Cars turned over walls removed from buildings.

F4 wind speed 180/226 damage:framed houses destroyed.

F5 wind speed 227/276 damage:Cars thrown 300' Steel reinforced structures highly damaged.

Tornado Ally

NorthandSouth,Dakota,Nebraska,Wyoming,Oklahoma,Colorado,Illinois,Iowa,Minnesota,Indiana,Ohio,Kentucky,Tennessee,Texas,Arkansas, and Louisiana.