Juana The Mad

Juana I of Castilla, also known as Juana the Mad, was born 6th of November, 1479, as the second daughter of Queen Isabel I of Castilla and King Fernando II of Aragon. She was born in the city of Toledo, the most important city of Castilla.

She died 13th of April, 1555, at the age of 75. Her body was placed in the convent of Santa Clara in Tordesillas, in 1573 her remains were transferred to the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral in Granada with the body of her dead husband.

In 1496 she married Felipe The Handsome, the oldest son of Maximiliano of Austria in order to strengthen international policy of her father.

After the death of her brothers Juan and Isabel and her nephew Miguel of Portugal in 1500, she became heiress of Castilla and Aragon. She received an enormous territorial inheritance that would receive later her son Carlos.

Juana the Mad was proclaimed Queen of Castilla in 1504, but due to her madness , it was agreed to govern jointly her husband and her father Fernando, in Castilla.

Her infatuation with Felipe the Handsome, made her mad due to his infidelities. It was a destroyer love. Due to her madness, Juana remained imprisoned in Tordesillas from 1509 until her death. In 1516 Fernando died and Carlos V was proclaimed king of Castilla and Aragon. Juana didn't succeed her father in the Crown of Aragon; but she was never declared incapable by the Cortes nor withdrew the title of Queen.

13th September, 1519

I’m getting tired and jaded. I'm retained in a castle in Tordesillas because people think I’m crazy. But I’m not crazy. I’m only in love.

I know that my husband, Felipe, died a long time ago and it hurts. I’m still in love with him. I miss him so much, because he is my life, I don’t care if he is dead. I hope I will die soon because I want to meet him again.

Here enclosed the years go by very slowly. I get bored here, I don't have nothing to do here. I've been here ten years imprisoned. Sometimes some of my children come to visit me, but that doesn't usually happen many times.

I don’t know why people think I’m mad. When Felipe was alive, I was a jealous wife, because he always lied me, but I loved him and nowadays I still loving him.