Horace Mann Updates

January 2014 News and Notes


I have shared the analytics of our google document and the two scheduling options. I will be meeting with Adam in the next week and updated the Board on our process and will ask for their approval in the next month.


February 15th

Just as a reminder staff to complete your second student survey by February 15th and complete the Survey Analysis on Oasys. I have spoken to a few of you regarding comparing your first and second survey data and if your goal was met or not and if you would change anything next time you teach the course.

February 15th

Mid Year SLO

We will review this at our January early release but just a reminder to look at your SLO data and review your evidence mid year. I will be meeting with staff during early release to help you make sure you are on track.

May 1st

Your documentation log is due on May 1st. Just a couple of reminders to make sure you have your communication log updated as well as your documentation log for Oasys. Keep items you may want to upload in the next couple of months to showcase each of the six teacher standards. If you have any questions or would like any feedback please let me know.

Speaker-Bullying, Cyberbulling and Youth Depression

Just a reminder we are excited to have John Halligan this Sunday, February 9th at our PAC from 6:00-7:30 and he will also give all of our HS students a presentation on February 10th at 8:15-9:45 in the PAC. I am very pleased to have a bullying presentation and have received many people asking about the parent night presentation.


Welcome to Nick Weiss who is joining us as a long term sub for Physics and Astronomy. Nick will be here during the day as well to provide support in our study halls and resource rooms to students struggling in math and may help out in other areas.

I'd really like to thank Dixie for all her help in our Science Department in teaching Physics and Astronomy. Thank you!

Welcome also to Elizabeth Weigandt who is working as a counseling intern with Heidi Aprill.

Course Description Booklet

Thank you to all staff for your input on our Course Description Booklet and a Huge thank you to Linda Will and Aaron Sadoff for their work in putting it together and formatting. We have added info on career pathways and are excited to continue to share this information with parents and students.

8th Grade Orientation

Thank you again to staff for being present including Gerry S, Anthony, Jill, Jim, Jon, Becky, Dan, Mike, Doug, Tom, Joe, Heidi, Jenny, our coaches and clubs-Kelly M/Staand, Dominic , Katie Crabb for encouraging student council members in being here as tour guides, and Linda and Kayla! I hope i didn't forget anyone!

It was a great night with Upward Bound, PLTW information, STAAND, football, soccer, baseball, dance and cheer and volleyball were here to allow parents to sign up. Parents had questions and were encouraged to finish strong in their 8th grade year and how excited we are to see them as freshmen!


I am going to update all students on this information but as we have net control in our building to view what students are doing on computers we also have a trial program to view our chrome books outside our school. Todd and I spoke today and i feel the need to remind students they should not be using our device inappropriately. We have discovered that there are many sites that are being viewed outside of school using our device. After this announcement to students/parents if we see individual cases we will share these concerns with parents. I appreciate your help and support. Please let me know if you have any questions.