Invisibility RPT

By: Chris Martins


Invisible can indicate several definitions. It could mean somebody cannot be seen literally, but it can also signify that somebody or groups of people are not seen or understood. There are many invisible populations in the world. Not the Sentinelese that want to be isolated from civilization, but others like victims of bullying, homeless children and illegal immigrants. These invisible populations want to be seen, but cannot or are scared because they do not know what will come to them if they reveal their secret. Invisible populations are big problems that occur in all, if not most places. Just like pollution, invisible populations have to be seen again, and the problems of these individuals or groups have to be fixed.

"The Circuit"

"The Circuit" by Francisco Jimenez is about a boy named Panchito from a family of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are one of the most invisible populations in the U.S. Families from all over the world travel to America for a better life, but do not have any identification. There were 11.2 million unauthorized illegal immigrants in the U.S in 2012 which makes up 3.5% of the population according to Jens Manuel Krogstad and Jeffery S. Passel from Pew Research Center (5 Facts about Illegal Immigration in the U.S.) Panchito and his two parents, older brother and little brothers and sisters have to constantly move locations for his father to find a job as a crop picker earning less than half of the minimum wage. Illegal immigrants are a problem because they are constantly on the move trying to flee from the police. They cannot go to school because they do not know what awaits them if they get caught. Panchito and Roberto have to hide while picking fruits every time the school bus (Francisco Jimenez 69). They also cannot live comfortably, and in poverty. While some might want things that they do not need, these illegal immigrants sometimes cannot provide for their basic needs. Although Panchito has basic needs like a water supply, food, and water, he does not have his own bed or toys or even just objects that are entertaining. He even has to sleep under a tree with his brother and his father, while his mom and little brothers and sisters (at least 4) sleep on the one mattress (Francisco Jimenez 68). Panchito's life does not end there, the place he lives in might be a little better than a dog house. The garage he and his family sleeps in was worn out and had no windows to let sunlight in when darkness came. The walls were eaten by termites and the roof was full of holes. The floor could not have been worse. First of all, it was a dirt floor, and it was populated by earthworms (Francisco Jimenez 68). Panchito's life is one I would not like to live in, and this is a life most, if not all illegal immigrants live. These illegal immigrants need to be shown that they are safe in America and they can stop hiding in the shadows and live a better life. They also have to be shown that they can get a better job and health insurance and they will just live a better life.

"Homeless Children"

"Homeless Children" by is about children who have no specific place to live in. Homeless children are another invisible population that has sky rocketed. There are about 2.5 mill;ion homeless children in the U.S. Many would think this is not true since the streets are not filled with children in poverty, this is true but most of them are not on the streets. They are moving from place to place, so basically, they do not have a "base," or a settlement (a house). These poor children usually turn homeless usually because their parents died and they had no other family, or the family abandoned the child (unusual), The child was an orphan etc. These children obviously need help and definitely not be forgotten ( 2). Although there are many variables that cause homelessness, the leading cause is poverty. A family led by single mothers in her 20s that does not have much education and is without a job frequently are the groups that are most at risk ( 3). Divorce happens, but the couple should have somewhere to stay as well as the child/children. Hopping from place to place is not the best option. Although the parents suffer greatly from homelessness the children are also the victims. The children will not be going to school which means they are not getting quality education. They are also living in poverty and not like a young child should. While some children are getting spoiled with expensive Christmas gifts like iPads and video games and remote controlled vehicles, while others strain to buy a small toy car or doll for entertainment. Most importantly, they are unable to go to school, and if they do, their learning style and behavior will be impacted significantly by their environment. They are more likely to struggle in school, miss classes and repeat grades. They might even drop out ( 4). To expose this invisible population, focusing on adults is most important. Adults can change people's perspective on situations, and can possibly change it if enough get involved. Opening more shelters and public schools is best.

"Bullying Victims"

"Bully" by thebullyproject is about children who are bullied by cruel and foul people. Bullying victims are also one of the most invisible populations in the world. They could put their lives on the line. Bully victims are 2-9 times more likely to commit suicide rather than non-bully victims. Girls ages 10-14 may be at an even higher risk. Ty used to be bullied in school by others because he was a disabled child. He suffered from asperger's syndrome. I thought this was ridiculous. You cannot choose the way you are made. Nobody ever stood up to him. When he finally reached his breaking point, he committed suicide (thebullyproject). Bullying is also one of the worst problems in the U.S because of the different categories. For example; physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational aggression, cyber bullying, sexual bullying and prejudicial bullying. Since there are different categories, that means that it is likely to happen more often. An innocent boy was shoved, sat on and punched. He was bullied also because he did not have many friends and because of his look. His jaw protruded out from his face (thebullyproject). People should not be bullied by the way they look or because they are socially awkward. They should be treated the same way every other child is treated. Children and teenagers should also not be bullied because of how they feel about other people. Feelings are personal and why bully somebody on how or what they think of something (thebullyproject). To expose this invisible population money will need to be invested and parents will need to get involved. Cameras can be installed in places where parent supervision is not always present. This will help significantly since they will catch the bullies in action and will make the other children or bystanders laughing scared to be a bully. Adult supervision is also needed to catch the rule breakers. Kids of all ages for the most part, are afraid of adults and if they are positioned everywhere in school, there will be less places for the bullies to strike.


To conclude, there are many invisible populations in the world. Some of which include illegal immigrants, homeless children and bullying victims. To make them visible, jurassic measures and investments will be needed. illegal immigrants can legalize themselves, but telling them it is okay to talk to the authorities will be difficult. For homeless children, shelters can be opened and so can more public schools. Lastly for bullying victims, more cameras can be installed to catch the people that make innocents feel so bad that it makes them commit suicide. Parents can also better educate their children so less kids will be bullies. Overall, there are many invisible populations but illegal immigrants, homeless children and bullying victims are just a few groups.


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