Belize Barrier Reef Vacation

By: Alex Jacob

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Airfare form DFW to Belize Per Person

United Airways: $813 .85 roundtrip

American Airlines: $593 .75 roundtrip

US Airways: $572 .25 roundtrip


With the vast range of the coral reef to explore, snorkeling/scuba diving is the way to go! You can swim with all your favorite fish and explore a reef that will amaze you every single time. If you come to this city and not go snorkeling, is there any real point to come? On top of this we have a cave tubing that will take you through the city to explore the flora and fauna of the city. But don't stop there, for the more adventurous we have kayaking! You can take a personal kayak or a tour out to the reef and just explore, live your life, and never regret this experience.

Food Packages

If food is the least of your worries, there are low end restaurants you can attend that will get u unique food for $10-$20

If you want to experience the culture of Belize, the food is what you need to experience, in the mid range you can get food all over the city for around $20

If you live to eat and not eat to live, Belizean food is one you will never forget. Prices can range as low as $10-$60 for the top quality food.

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With a vacation like this, there is always risks that exist. There are always diseases in the tropical areas, but with vaccinations and safe water you should be ok your whole trip. We are not known for sharks or any aggressive animals in the area, but that does not mean they are not there.